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Krauthammer: If Obama was a Republican he’d be impeached


But of course, Obama’s not a Republican.

And he’s not going to be impeached. Republicans can’t come away from November with 67 Senate votes to impeach under any circumstances, so don’t even go there.

What Republicans can do though, is win back the Senate and expand our margin in the House. Do that and a number of positive things may happen. First and foremost, Obama will not be able to appoint another Supreme Court Justice in the mold he’d prefer and he might not be able to appoint one at all if the Senate has any courage at all.

Next, we can forget seeing most of Obama’s second term agenda – think Stalinist Five Year Plan – go anywhere in the Congress.

If this November is anything like 2010, the Republican leadership will be in a world of hurt with a new roster of conservatives to deal with, and anything that looks like the amnesty package that is comprehensive immigration reform will be absolutely dead in the House.

With Republicans holding both houses of Congress, we might see joint committee investigations on the IRS and on Benghazi.

Republicans have the opportunity to beat Obama and the left on the issues, let’s not get lost in personalities.

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