Judge orders “No Justice” in the murder of four

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Absolutely no justice.

You may have seen this story several months ago. A teenager who had a history of driving drunk caused an accident that killed four people. Unfortunately he wasn’t one of them. Even more unfortunately, his very wealthy father and his father’s completely immoral, piece-of-camel-dung lawyer managed to convince/buy off the judge in his vehicular homicide trial.

He’s now going to spend some time on house arrest in a facility that his daddy’s paying for, to the tune of about half-million bucks a year. He’ll come out rested, tan, with a great tennis swing and low golf handicap. He’ll also come out knowing in his heart that daddy’s money will get him out of anything, just like it has in the past.

We offer our sincere condolences to the families of the murdered victims and we hope from the bottom of our hearts you can find the most ruthless attorney on earth to sue daddy for everything he’s got. It’s our hope that this little bastard’s family ends up broke, homeless, and trying to make do in a shelter with food stamps and an ObamaPhone.

Oh, and that’s our best wishes for that “family”. We can’t print how we really feel.


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