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John Cornyn’s opponent calls for impeachment of Obama


You heard that right, a candidate for John Cornyn’s Senate seat is calling for impeachment of Obama. You’re probably wondering why you haven’t heard about this on the national news, right? Where are the cries of Tea Party racism that we should be hearing from the roof tops?

Well, there’s a little problem for the race baiters. It’s not Cornyn’s primary opponent who’s calling for impeachment, it’s a possible general election opponent. And, not just any general election opponent, this one is a Democrat. Oh, and a black Democrat to boot. Here’s what the Texas Democratic Party thinks of Kesha Rogers.

All this hasn’t endeared her to the Texas Democratic Party. She wasn’t invited to be a Texas delegate at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, for instance, and party leaders rooted against her in the primary.

“If I can figure out what that silver bullet is to make sure that she is not on my slate after May, then I’ll definitely do that,” Steve Brown, chairman of the Fort Bend Democratic Party, said last year.


If you follow the above link and read the whole article in the Dallas News – doesn’t take long – you’ll discover she’s a fruitloop. But what the heck, the Democratic Party is big enough for the likes of Al Frankin, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Maxine Waters, so we can’t imagine why Kesha Rogers should be excluded.

We’ll admit, she’s clever. Here’s a video from her 2012 campaign.

While we think impeachment is a horrible waste of time, money, energy, and political capital, we are 100% behind Kesha’s effort to impeach. Heck, if we lived in Texas we’d probably vote for her.


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