About that Iranian “peace deal”

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Remember all the hullabaloo last year about how the Obama administration had brought Iran to their knees and how we would achieve peace in our time in the Middle East? A shining example of the Arab Spring!

Well, guess what? If you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance. Only in the case of Israel, “If you like your security, you can keep your security.”

If you’ve followed this clown circus at all, you’ll remember that the administration first announced the deal and assured the world that Iran was going to stop enrichment of uranium at a level that was only good for peaceful reactors. And dirty bombs. Oh, right, they didn’t mention that.

No the ink wasn’t even close to dry on Walter Duranty’s New York Times story about how the Obama administration had accomplished something that no administration had even come close to, assuring a peaceful Middle East when the Iranians said something in Farsi that approximated, “That’s not in the deal.”

The administration has been assuring us for months that it IS the deal. Well, maybe they were, what’s the word we’re looking for? Oh yeah, lying through their teeth. The Obama administration, not the Iranians.

Actually, if you spent any time studying this, there never was a “deal”, just a “framework” to negotiate a deal. And, tellingly for the White House, our side has kept that framework thingy more private that your Verizon calling activity. Edward Snowden where are you when we need you most?

The bottom line here is that the Iranians got what they wanted from the President, sanctions have been all but eliminated and the Iranian economy is booming. We got, well, we wouldn’t say nothing, because maybe somebody in Washington wanted the Iranians to have nuclear capability.

Turns out it wasn’t the Iranians who were on their knees, it was the White House Press Corpse.

We can’t imagine who that would be, oh, wait a minute, yes we can…



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