Homeland Security Drops all Pretense with “Zombie Max” Purchase

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“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” — Barack Obama; July 2, 2008

obamaevilWhen Barack Obama made this proclamation, there was no Tea Party, no grass-roots opposition to his forced passage of ObamaCare, no usurping of the Separation of Powers, no Senator Ted Cruz, no government shut-down, no phony stimulus or millions of people waking up to find they in fact cannot keep their doctor or health plan if they like them..

.. But when this “civilian national security force” is deployed – the stated excuse will be all of the above.

ammo-FreeBarack Obama knew from the get-go that once Americans realized what “fundamental transformation” actually meant, they wouldn’t stand for it. He began preparing for that time right away and is still doing so. Why does Homeland Security need over 2 billion bullets, most of them of the hollow point variety, if not to prepare for civil unrest?

The latest by DHS is a solicitation for over 141,00 rounds of sniper ammunition, posted on FedBizOpps of Hornady .308 Winchester 168gr A-MAX TAP ammunition, commonly called; “Zombie Max” rounds. This ammo is not inexpensive stuff to be used for training or anything else. It’s for war.

zombieLike you, I’ve read for years the postings of these type warnings of build-ups of armored vehicles, military weapons, assault machinery and enough ammunition purchased by Homeland Security to cause widespread shortages, nationwide. I resisted the temptation to believe that it is what it is. Not anymore.

The “Zombie Max” put me over the top: They’ve always claimed the bulk purchases were to save money, but this purchase is outright luxurious when it comes to ammo. They don’t need it and could get a different brand or lower grain for far less the cost. It’s not for training or anything else.

While legislators from California to Chicago to Washington are doing their best to disarm us, our government seems to be intent on picking up the slack for weapons and ammo manufacturers. The only question left is, ‘why’?

Maybe it’s the range, perhaps it’s the ballistic coefficient, or even the name – but the “Zombie Max” flipped me from healthy skepticism to WTF – better start hoarding food. The fact is, I can’t find ammo for my simple pistol – not at WalMart, Big Five or the expensive alternative-in-a-pinch gun store.

ak47 mailThank-god we’re talking about the Feds who can’t even set up a website that works, organize a two-car funeral, fog a mirror or deliver the mail profitably with no competitors. Bring it on you fools.



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