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Other than the basic fact that he dearly wants a bill, Speaker John Boehner’s specific plans on immigration have remained shrouded in mystery since the 2012 elections.

Now two key immigration hawks are pressing him for answers in a letter you might mistake as coming from Darrell Issa to Kathleen Sebelius.

Reps. Walter Jones (R-NC) and Mo Brooks (R-AL) sent Boehner, House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte, and the rest of the House GOP leadership team a letter asking ten detailed questions about Boehner’s immigration policies.

The questions include requests for greater detail about some of the planks in the immigration “principles” Boehner unveiled at the recent House GOP retreat in Cambridge, MD, such as how many illegal immigrants in several special categories could achieve citizenship through the proposal and via chain migration.

“News reports indicate the House is contemplating a very large (and very unpopular) increase in the future legal flow of foreign workers,” they wrote.

“These reports create justifiable concerns. Indeed, many Americans incorrectly believe ‘immigration reform’ swaps amnesty for a reduced inflow of workers, rather than the current ‘amnesty’ models that combine amnesty with a large increase in future immigration flows. To enable our conference and our constituents to probably assess future flow – one of the most crucial economic elements of any overhaul – please provide clear, specific answers to the following questions concerning the immigration plan being conceived for final passage,” the letter said.


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