George Zimmerman Will Fight Rapper DMX in Celebrity Boxing Match, Floyd Mayweather Sr. to Referee

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E! News confirmed George Zimmerman will face off against rapper DMX in the ring for a Celebrity Boxing Match next month as Floyd Mayweather Sr. referees. The thought of going head-to-head in the ring was actually Zimmerman’s idea, telling Radar Online last month that boxing is his hobby.

Once celebs caught wind of the event, a number of them volunteered to go against Zimmerman, who stood trial for second-degree murder and manslaughter for shootingTrayvon Martin but was acquitted.

Rapper The Game made it known he was more than willing to box Zimmerman. When a fan asked the celeb on Twitter today whether he was picked to fight, Game tweetedback, “nah he scared !!! Said DMX more his size lol.”However, Damon Feldman, Owner of Celebrity Boxing, tells E! News that they ended up picking who would fight Zimmerman.

“He didn’t chose them, we had over 15,000 emails…everybody was putting their hat in there trying to fight him and basically it was getting overwhelming with the emails and we had to make a decision,” Feldman tells us.

So what made them choose DMX? “Well, you know there’s a lot of celebrities that wanted a good brawl, it’s very controversial, celebrity boxing is,” he says.

As for the money that will be raised from the event, Feldman tells E! News, “Right now this isn’t a charity match at all. Whatever Zimmerman does with his money that’s up to him, that’s our company money, I don’t know what DMX is doing, we’re still negotiating a contract deal with him now.”

Regardless, DMX spokesman Domenick Nati told CNN Wednesday, “DMX has promised to ‘beat his ass.'”

The date of the fight will be March 15 and any additional information will be announced at the press conference next Wednesday in Philadelphia at 2 p.m.

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