Hey You God-less Dunderheads! Don’t Mess with the Little Sisters!

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Once upon a time in 1868, a Roman Catholic order, the Little Sisters of the Poor, established their charity in America. Dedicated to serve the poor and dying, the Little Sisters have provided nursing home and hospice care in 30 American cities for 146 years. These gentle nuns live by their sacred beliefs that support all life from babies in the womb to the elderly.

But, oh dear! oh deaNUNS GRAPHIC #1r!

Their continued existence as a charitable group came into doubt when a poisonous cloud of religious intolerance engulfed the land. The God-less political elites, supported by those in the White House, declared war against all religious organizations (including the Little Sisters of the Poor) and demanded they promote death . . .  instead of life . . . or else.

Holy Moly, how did our country reach this point? Why did we-the-people not pay attention when the God-less came after our Constitution’s 1st Amendment?

Attacks against America’s Judeo/Christian foundation began a few years ago when the greeting, “Merry Christmas,” was declared to be intolerant and therefore “politically incorrect.”  Next on the chopping block were public school Christmas pageants. Instead of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, re-scripted winter holiday programs celebrate the birth of Frosty the Snowman.

Judeo/Christian religious principles began to fade from public school curriculum, while at the same time, Islamic doctrine was being introduced. If you wonder who launched this program, look no further than the Oval Office. Surrounded by Muslim Brotherhood advisors, America’s president decreed our children must be made aware of the Islamic influence that assisted in the formation of the founding principles of our country. Really? Mohamed on the Mayflower?

(But, I digress. Islamic indoctrination in public schools will be a tale for another day.)

Achievement of the goal to collapse America’s Judeo/Christian foundation required the execution of two major events: a national calamity and the ascension of a progressive, God-less administration to lead the charge.

Event #1, a disastrous housing bubble, initiated by the peanut farmer (Carter) and expanded by Slick Willy (Clinton), exploded just prior to the 2008 election. This wiped out retirement accounts, diminished home values, and killed jobs as it sucked away 30 to 40% of middle-class Americans’ personal wealth. The economy tanked. Moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas tossed and turned at night, terrified about what the future might hold for their country. NUNS GRAPHIC #2

Event #2 occurred right on schedule. Tah! Dah! Into the darkness of despair charged Prince Hope-n-change, accompanied by his charming wife who had suddenly “become proud of her country for the first time.” His teleprompter speeches (written by others) promised to fix the faltering economy and right all wrongs that plagued the land.  Yessiree. He was the “chosen one” who would restore a happily-ever-future for all citizens. Period. Period. Period.

A master of bamboozle-ment, Prince Hope-n-change became elected President without anyone noticing that his best pals and trusted advisors included progressives, socialists, union bosses, thugs, community organizers, radical college professors, and a commie or two. No one noticed how his spiritual mentor, a hate-spewing minister, frequently shouted, “God Damn America,” against the country that had given his protégée more than equal opportunities in the first place.

Hmmm. While listening to these diatribes (for 20 years), did the Prince stand up in righteous indignation and demand an apology on behalf of his country? HAHAHA! You gotta’ be kidding me.

The new president and his progressive minions marched in lock-step toward total control of America. Their powerful political machine began to dismantle and fundamentally transform our God-loving democracy into a model of socialism, devoid of God or morals or liberty.


Government declared war against all religious organizations
and demanded they promote death instead of life . . . or else.


However, in order to achieve their goal, the God-less ones first had to eliminate a major obstacle: freedom of religion.

So, wNUNS FEATURE JOEhat happened? Drone attacks against churches?

Of course not. Silly you.

The anti-God thugs slithered about under the cover of darkness (as usual) and hid their buried their anti-God intentions in a 2700-page law that was passed before anyone could read it.

How did they pull this off? Will the most gentle and humble among us, the Little Sisters of the Poor, bear the cross of religious freedom for all Americans? Click here to finish reading this story at TheBlaze.

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