Dear Barack, We Need to Have a Talk. Yes . . . THAT talk!

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BO unhappy.3 Dear Barack,

Even though you put pretend everything is hunky-dory between us, it’s not.

The truth is, we’re not happy, happy, happy with you.

Do you wonder why?

It’s the economy, stupid!

The jobless, labor-less, non-recovery economic mess you’ve been “gonna” fix since 2008. (By the way: “going to” is two words, not one.)

We-the-People have had enough
of your promises and your lies.

BO #2

You promised to create jobs and rebuild our lack-luster economy. We believed you. But, today, 91.8 million able-to-work Americans sit idle. There are fewer jobs in our country than before you burst onto the scene promoting “hope and change.” One thing for certain, our lives have changed, but not in the way we’d hoped. We never would have imagined you’re promote a “non-work” ethic and encourage people to escape “job lock,” sit on their butts, contemplate their navels, and live on welfare, food stamps, and subsidies to pay for crappy healthcare coverage.

Did you really believe We-the-People would be happy, happy, happy to pay higher taxes and support moochers who’d rather find their muse than find a job?


Are you seeing a happy face here?

BO # 3

You double pinky-promised Obamacare would create jobs and solve our unemployment problems. We believed you. But, thanks to your un-affordable healthcare monster, America has become a nation of part-time workers. You promised medical care would be more affordable. It isn’t. You promised it would become available to everybody. It isn’t. You promised the tiny “wrinkles” in the program (including the enrollment mess) would work their way out and everyone would be happy with the outcome. They haven’t and we aren’t!

Surprise, surprise, surprise. We-the-People are not happy about losing our doctors. We’re not happy to pay more for prescriptions, deductibles, and premiums. We’re not happy that Obamacare adds at least $1.3 Trillion dollars to the $6 Trillion dollar debt you’ve racked up since becoming president.

Did you really believe we would be happy, happy, happy to dump this debt onto the backs of our kids and grandkids?

Are you seeing a happy face here?

BO # 6

You promised to oh-so-carefully trim government spending. We believed you. Then you grabbed your machete and slashed right and left to shrink and undermine the moral of our military. You cut salaries, retirement benefits, closed Veteran’s hospitals and commissaries, and reneged on veterans’ desperately needed healthcare. You ordered budget cutbacks that have weakened our military at a time when our enemies are strengthening theirs.

Did you really believe we would be happy, happy, happy while you continue to pour money into the bottomless pit of Afghanistan, but don’t support our brave warriors who fought there?

Are you seeing a happy face here?

BO # 5

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Molli for Joe

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