The Dark Nature of Entertainment Culture

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hwThe death of actor Phillip Seymour-Hoffman by heroin overdose has again exposed the dark nature of entertainment culture. This on the heels of a devastating letter penned by director Woody Allen’s adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, outlining his serial sexual abuse of her as a child and how his friends and peers stand by, celebrating his life and work. Dylan is the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow, Woody’s ex-girlfriend whom he claims planted the pedophilia story in the young girls’ head.

Woody Allen, Soon-Yi And Daughters At The Beverly Wilshire Hotel… I’d give Woody a little benefit of doubt if it weren’t for the fact that he’s currently married to yet another one of Mia Farrow’s adopted daughters, who he was caught taking nude polaroids of when she was underage..

But I digress – the subject matter is; ‘how come you can date porn stars, be falling down drunk in public, stoned out of your mind and overdose on Heroin and still be considered a great person?’ The answer is: Welcome to today’s Hollywood! Land ‘O liberals!

Before I rip everybody a new one, let me go back to the late Phillip Seymour-Hoffman because I see where everybody who claims they were his best friend and close buddy and they loved him and he’s such a great humanitarian and bla bla bla on TV and in the meantime his body isn’t even cold yet.

Let me tell you something that I know is harsh: Phil didn’t have any friends. None. Zip.

I have friends. Good friends. Friends that if I started shooting heroin would understand that it’s not like having seven or eight beers because my girlfriend cheated on me and I was feeling sorry for myself and probably shouldn’t have gotten behind the wheel and got a DUI (this is just an example, I don’t do that).

philip-seymour-hoffman-467No, this is heroin, folks. Heroin is a PAINKILLER. It exists not for hallucinating, nor to expand your mind, enhance sex, giggle or shoot pool. It’s to kill a massive amount of pain that you simply cannot live with.

When you are found in your underwear on the bathroom floor with a needle stuck in your arm and 50 bags of high-quality heroin in the other room – oh – and you are DEAD – it means two things:

A. You hate yourself and; B. You have no real friends.

My (real) friends would stop me looooooong before I even got to the heroin portion of my drug-assisted, self-loathing suicide – that’s right – suicide, which Mr. Seymour-Hoffman (c’mon – what’s with the two last names already?) engaged in. Phillip was in a massive amount of pain.

Honestly, I’m being serious here: I’m so sorry for his family because that dude was a great actor and didn’t need heroin. He needed a friend.

abnormalNow, onto the rest of you freaks:

For some odd reason, the Hollywood attracts and nurtures a liberal mindset and this dark Hollywood mind-set is reflected in the products which come out of the industry as well. In today’s Hollywood, deviant behavior is celebrated, while upstanding and decent people are scoffed at, derided, and mocked as buffoons. Everything is upside-down. Everything good is depicted as bad and everything bad is good.

Hope she doesn’t get cancer – with those pair of lungs, there’ll be a run on chemo..

The cool people use drugs, commit crime, cheat on their loved ones and engage in the most selfish reckless and sociopathic behavior.

While the people who attend services, play by the rules, live clean lives or have the temerity to honor their elders are depicted as ignorant chumps, or uptight and close-minded zealots. In TV and films, the Liberals and Democrats are almost always the compassionate and humanitarian heroes, while the conservative and Republican characters are the greedy, destructive, and bigoted oppressors.

team-america-michael-moore1The irony is, speak to people who actually have spent some time working in the entertainment business, they’ll describe to you an industry rife with avarice, misogyny and prejudice…

Phony and deceptive bookkeeping practices in Hollywood are so legendary and prevalent, that even favorite son Michael Moore recently felt compelled to sue his producers for his fair share of profits….

Although what a self-described anti-Capitalist cares about evil profits, I don’t know…

Actresses both successful and unknown routinely describe the prevailing atmosphere in Hollywood as one of harassment and intimidation. In fact, “harass” is two words in Hollywood.

And sadly, over the past twenty-five years, the lion’s share of studio films about war much too often depict our military as deceptive, power hungry, fascist and expansionist, and the American soldier as bloodthirsty and murderous occupiers.

jimmy stewartGone are the days when movie stars would proudly go off to war and stand shoulder to shoulder with their less famous brothers in arms, fighting for our freedoms, liberty and the American way of life. Gone are the family viewing hours when parents and their children could sit around the television and not be exposed to an onslaught of immoral and explicit behavior, graphic violence and vulgar language.

And gone are the weekends where it was simple to find a movie or four or five to drop the kids off to watch without fear of them being corrupted or worse.

Wow – can you believe that hairy mess! And check out Bill, too!

So what happened? I’ll tell you what happened- the hippies took over.

A politician does any of this and the career is over (well beside Bill and Barack)

An Athlete does this and they are poor role model..

A regular citizen does this and they are a loser..

Hollywood…. They are heroes and people feel sorry for them. WTF!

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