Our Constitutional War Chest

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Mark Levin recently had published his marvelous work, The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic.  In his book, he outlines possible amendments to the Constitution via Article V, which provides a means by which amendments can be considered and potentially ratified “by the Legislatures in three fourths of the several States or by Conventions in three fourths thereof…”  He rightfully asserts that our runaway federal government will never correct itself, and that Article V is the best last chance to right the top-heavy nature of that apparatus.

In fact, the Framers brilliantly crafted a sort of “war chest” in the Constitution that would enable We the People to use various mechanisms to protect ourselves from tyranny.  These tools start with simple steps and proceed onward for use depending on the severity of the situation to be addressed.

First, we have freedom of speech and expression.  If our representatives get out of line, we are allowed to meet together and talk freely about the injuries being imposed upon.  If these transgressions become serious enough, we have the ability to assemble and protest publicly.

Second, we have the right to vote.  This gives citizens the right to some power over who is going to be selected to represent the interest of his or her constituents.

Third, we have the right to petition our government for redress of grievances.  This is the fifth right listed in the First Amendment and it often referred to as “the forgotten clause” because the nature of this right has been lost and misconstrued.  One radio talk show host once said that the right to petition “only gives people the right to write to their representatives and bitch about what they don’t like.”  But historically, these petitions were supposed to have a legal quality.  Many petitions were sent to King George during the crafting of our independence.  These petitions are actually supposed to be the functional equivalent of a legal demand letter – when injured, the petitioner sends notice to the transgressor to demand compensation, “or else.”  In other words, petitioning the government is a means of telling our government that they are on notice that we seek satisfaction or we will be forced to rely on other means to protect our interests.

What are these “other means?”  Withholding taxes used to be one tool that was considered to be exercised as a means of “starving the beast.”

We also have the right to form Constitutional militias and when all else fails, there is the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Then finally, there is the Article V power to form a convention for the proposal of Amendments that comes, not from the federal government, but from the states.

The unfortunate fact is that these rights have been under assault by Statists for decades.  These elements disdain the Constitution and have been trying to dilute the power of these rights.  Free speech and the right to assemble are being restricted.  Voting fraud is becoming rampant.  The right to petition the government isn’t called “the forgotten clause” for nothing.  It’s difficult for us to withhold our taxes – they are withheld from us.  Militias are marginalized as dangerous or even treasonous, and gun control is one of the major targets of the left who seek to disarm us on that and every other level.

So Amendment V might just be our last best chance.  I highly recommend that you read Dr. Levin’s work and support the political forces that are attempting to make the convention a reality.  Delegates have already met at Mount Vernon in December to get the process started.   Please learn about this and spread the word.  We owe it to our Framers to make this happen.

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