Climate Change and the Bait-and-Switch Lie

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Climate change is real. It is a fact. Man-made Global Warming is, however, a lie and a fraud. Always was, from day one.

There’s a Lawyer 101 saying: If you have the facts on your side, pound the facts. If you have the law on your side, pound the law. If you have neither on your side, pound the table. Democrats sure do pound alot of tables. In the last few years, the Democrats and other Global Warming fanatics have become increasingly hilarious in their hostility to the clear thinkers in America (average Americans with two eyes and a brain).

  • The science is settled!
  • 99% of Climate Scientists agree – its a concensus!
  • What? You don’t believe in Climate Change? What are you, some rube from the country? Or worse, a greedy corporatist?
  • The IPCC presented an exhaustive proof, signed by 1500 Climate Scientists!
  • And every hot summer is further proof!
  • And every cold winter too!
  • And every hurricane!
  • And every …um…lack of hurricane!

If these whacko birds were in a Saturday Night Live skit, and not actually in control of our government, it would be somewhat more funny.

Climate change is real
First, let’s get one thing straight. Climate change is real. Throughout history the earth has experienced changes. Tectonic plates drift into and out of temperate zones. They collide, creating mountain ranges. Ice ages come and go. Underwater volcanoes create island chains (like Hawaii), which alter ocean currents. All of that is climate change, and if you deny it, you’re a simpleton. Man-Made Climate Change? Not so much.

How Global Warming became Climate Change
A funny thing happened as history unfolded. None of it has come true. In the 90’s, the Global Warming fanatics made over-the-top claims: the oceans would rise, and before you knew it, Manhattan, and Florida, would be under water. Winters would all but disappear. Hurricanes would be much more frequent and drastic.. And not by 2090, but by 2010. The danger was imminent, and we must act now! Raise CAFE standards! Kill off oil and coal! Fund the heck out of “green” industries! In fact, let’s declare CO2 a pollutant and regulate that too!

Quite the opposite of their claims has been true. For 15 years now, there’s been not one iota of increased global warming. Not one bit. Winters are about the same, and drastic weather has seemed to be on the decline. Furthermore, the so-called evidence has turned out to be specious, manufactured, and fraudulent from the beginning..

polar-bear-clinging-onto-cracking-ice But when have facts ever stopped a Democrat intent on controlling industry, money, and your personal life? They needed desperately an excuse to gain (more) regulatory control over Big Oil, Big Energy, Big CarMaker, and etc. The public — particularly doe-eyed, mush-headed liberals — was easily swayed by what I’ll call America Guilt, and a simple sleight of hand would keep the money-and-power train going.

So…they just repackaged the same old false, discredited crap, and gave it a new name: Climate Change; and a new wrinkle: now they claimed that man-caused industrial activity was the cause for any extreme weather. Their silly claims that man-made activity caused global warming were thoroughly discredited because of that little Inconvenient Truth that the globe was not warming. On the other hand, Climate Change could never be disproved, because extreme weather can always be counted on to occur. Any event – hot summer, cold winter, hurricane, tornado, blizzard, or ‘polar vortex’ – could be conveniently blamed on Climate Change. They could hit the panic button and watch America Guilt kick in.

Statistically speaking, the last decade has produced the fewest extreme weather events, mildest winters, and mildest summers in memory. But again, those are facts: irrelevant to a Democrat when there’s money and power involved.

Skeptics are framed as stupid, evil corporatists
So here’s how the conversation goes, between a Power-Mad Liberal (PML), and a Reasonable Sane American (RSA):

  • PML: we have to the increase regulatory burden on [pick an industry] and invest government money in [some “green” industry whose proponents – by coincidence – generously fund Democrat electoral campaigns], because, CLIMATE CHANGE!!!
  • RSA: No sale. Global Warming is made-up junk science. Leave people alone.
  • PML: wait a minute. You’re saying there’s no such thing as Climate Change? Are you crazy?
  • RSA: No such thing as global warming, and no such thing as man-made climate change, pal.
  • PML: Hey everybody!!! These people are protecting the big corporations!!! They are CLIMATE DENIERS!!!
  • RSA: You’re making up crap again.
  • PML: No I’m not! Hurricane Sandy! Moore, Oklahoma!! Polar Vortex!!!
  • RSA: Oh stop it. Extreme weather has been with us long before the industrial Revolution. There is no evidence whatsoever that man-made activities have any effect on weather or climate.
  • PML: And the children! We’re doing this ForTheChildren!! You’re sacrificing TheChildren for your evil corporate barons!

They keep pounding the table because…..well, you know.

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