Chevrolet, Homosexuals, Bailout = Payback Not Acceptance

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America: Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and.. Chevrolet? I wonder, does that include gay marriage, gay and lesbian families and gay teens now? Because during the Olympics the other night, the answer from newly bailed-out GM – compliments of newly evolved on the issue Barack Obama: You betcha!

Chevrolet aired the first part of a series of ads during the games which featured families with same-sex couples, gays marrying in Cape Cod and a gay teen scientist by name of Jack Andraka.

Did the big GM bailout / slushfund / union payout / kickback to re-elect Obama have anything to do with them showcasing to the world how something as American as Chevrolet believes gay marriage is as mainstream and beautiful as any marriage?

Come on. What are you, new?

That’s like asking did the gigantic influx of campaign cash from the gay coalitions into the coffers of Barack Obama’s campaign have anything to do with his big switch on gay marriage have anything to do with one another? .. Pa-lease.

For its part, Chevrolet said in a statement that; “these ads are not intended as any political commentary  but some advertising experts say the commercials make a pretty clear statement..” Gee, really? You needed an expert for that? How about this statement from Joe the expert:

You are being USED!

Chevy puts out a commercial with a couple gay guys in it and the homosexuals are all happy.  Look they accept us‼ (tears and smiles).. No, you dunderheads. It is not about acceptance; Chevy just wants your money and is paying back the Administration for bailing out executives and Unions who drove (see what I did there?) one of the greatest American companies straight into bankruptcy by making craptastic cars for a very, very long time.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s no different than Ford or Dodge or Nike and Reebok. Ford and Dodge show a manly man loading or pulling a million pounds, but they’re selling an image. Reebok and Nike aren’t worried about the women’s movement – they are in it to make money!

I’m not against making money – but why not be honest about it? Instead of selling an image why don’t you take your advertising and marketing dollars and build us stuff that lasts? Things that when they do break down 20 years later, you can fix it and get another 20 years out of it?

Make a good product. Be in it for the long haul and we’ll stick with you.

But please stop thinking that just because a car company or clothes company comes out with a commercial showing  a strong woman, a black male, a homosexual or a redneck in a truck that they support your lifestyle…

They are not making a statement they are making a profit… It’s kind of sad really. The “left” that hates capitalism, loves it when it serves their cause.

That is why I talk about capitalism with a moral compass.

But this is the difference between Capitalism and Crony Capitalism: When you have a government that is more than willing to step in and create an unholy alliance with a big Corporation, the temptation and the duty of the board members to create wealth for the shareholders is most of the time too much not to take up with the government.

It is then you get Corporatism. Agreements between big business and The State which create an unfair advantage and profits not available to the competition or market at large. Crony Capitalism – based on who you know – not what you know.

This in turn creates the whole lobby industry because those company’s competitors know they must play the money game to level the playing field. They have to begin showering the same politician’s with money to equal or outdo the advantage so as to gain the same access to that information as their competitor.

It’s a vicious circle and the loser is the consumer who ends up with less choice, less competition, less innovation and more corrupt leadership. And a crappy car.

And these commercials that; A. I don’t care to have my kids watch and B. make my stomach turn.


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