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Brit Hume rips Obama on Trustworthiness


Britt Hume with Megyn Kelly really sets what should be the media agenda with respect to the Obama administration. His commentary on the President’s interview with Bill O’Reilly was devastating.

On Benghazi, Hume pounds on Obama’s refusal to answer questions about the night of the attack. Hume says, generously, “There’s plenty out there for the media to remain curious about…” We would have phrased that differently, perhaps, “There’s plenty out there that the rest of the media is refusing to discuss, they certainly seem to be working hand in glove with the administration.”

On the IRS, Megyn laid out the numbers that strongly indicate (now we’re being delicate) that the IRS was targeting conservative groups. The discussion about how the scandals – and we think the IRS scandal is the driver here – is destroying the President’s “trustworthiness”.

The dissection of the administration’s position on was crushing. He drives the point that Republicans have been making for five years that ObamaCare is going to destroy the economy. His comments about Jason Furman were priceless. Furman was “pathetic”.

That’s the making of a MasterCard commercial.

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