Backlash against immigration plan floods Boehner’s website

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When House Speaker John A. Boehner posted online the GOP’s new immigration principles, including legalizing most illegal immigrants, he allowed comments. And they are brutal.

The standards were posted on Monday and by Friday at 11 a.m. there were nearly 4,500 comments, and they were overwhelmingly opposed to what Mr. Boehner was proposing.

“This plan is amnesty plain and simple,” said one commenter who signed on as “Stefanie.” After living thru Reagans[sic.] amnesty the one thing we can say is amnesty doesn’t work. It just entices more people to come illegally so they can get amnesty next time. As a parent I don’t reward bad behavior. Why is our government doing so?”

A commenter who signed on as “blight14” had a simpler reaction: “Treason!”

An informal count of 100 responses Friday morning that took a position showed 97 opposed to the principles and to Mr. Boehner, and just three that seemed supportive to varying degrees.

That ratio was noticed by those commenting.

“Does anyone on this blog support Amnesty? Count the votes for and against Amnesty. What do you think Mr. Speaker? Or do you care,” said user “LuvMyCountry.”

Michael Steel, a spokesman for Mr. Boehner, said they are taking stock of the comments.

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