17 Rooms That Will Blow You Away!

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All you need is a little bit of money, ingenuity or both.

1. A Bathroom above an abandon mine shaft

house-352. Swimming pool balcony

house-323. An Aquarium headboard

house-274. Fire pit coffee table combo

house-265. Fire pit/table

house-256. Indoor/outdoor pool

house-247. Dining room table and pool table

house-22house-238. Indoor skate park

house-19house-209. Stairwell hammock

house-16house-1610. Indoor treehouse

house-1511. Back yard beach fire pit

house-1312. Wine cellar in your kitchen floor

house-11house-1213. Your own indoor herb garden

house-1014. Go down the stairs or the slide

house-615. Hammock for a bed

house-516. Steam pipe kitty transit

house-2house-317. See through bath tub

house-37H/T to viralnova.com

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