The Canadian Prime Minister smacks Obama, leaves a mark

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Warning, this video is 5:07 long and most of it is President Obama carrying on about climate change and stuff. Mostly stuff.

The first 0:48 is a reporter asking a question about the Keystone Pipeline. He points out to the President that the State Department’s report on the matter had been issued a while back and the President had said previously that he was waiting for that report to make a decision. So, since the decision found that no environmental damage was going to happen with construction of the pipeline, when would construction start?

President Obama blathers on about climate change for roughly a week. Well, it seemed like a week, it was actually 2:52 of blathering.

The Prime Minister takes over at 3:34 into the video. The money quote is at 4:12.

In terms of climate change, the State Department report already was pretty definitive on that issue. The other thing I just draw attention to just because I think it’s useful to point out the benefits to Canada, is the reform that we’ve done of environmental review of projects in Canada. As you know a couple of years ago we moved to reform our system so that we have a single review, a multi-dimensional review, and that is tremendously useful in giving investors certainty in terms of the kind of plans they may have in the Canadian economy.

Well done Mr. Prime Minister. Our problem down here is that we don’t a leader who gives a damn about the US economy. He cares more about the political mileage he can get out of this issue with his environmental donors than he does about creating real, high paying jobs in the US.

It also seems that he has no real interest in making the US self-sustaining with respect to oil. If he gave a damn about that subject, we’d have started building the Keystone pipeline five years ago and he’d have opened up federal lands and offshore to drilling.

As it is, the current oil boom that he’s more than happy to take credit for is the direct result of the work done by George Bush and Dick Cheney with private oil lease holders.

There is significantly more oil available on public lands than on private and the President is only allowing wind farms and solar panels there. Those projects are costing US taxpayers billions and are producing no energy. Those projects do shore up political donations from his wealthy environmental donors.

Mr. Prime Minister, your mom doesn’t happen to be a US citizen is she?

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