I was aghast after reading the secret Obama peace deal with Iran

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Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, has actually read the so-called peace deal – the Edward Snowden-proof secret Obama peace deal – that the Obama administration cut with Iran last year.

As we’ve noted in today’s News section, last year’s widely heralded agreement with Iran that was supposed to bring “peace in our time” to the Middle East was really nothing more than a framework for negotiations. This deal that was supposed to garner another Nobel peas prize for the President and the Secretary of State makes the deal that Chamberlain cut in Munich with Hitler the best peace deal ever.

Here’s what Ros-Lehtinen had to say about what she saw.

First of all, about what the Peacemaker in Chief had to say about deal he’s keeping secret from the world.

Extraordinarily firm. Even during this interim agreement we will fully enforce all applicable sanctions.

We’re guessing the first two words are referring to the President’s opinion of the framework. We suppose they could be referring to his position on any issue with respect to the Republican leadership, but we’re sure they’re not referring to any quality having to do with his spine when it comes to foreign affairs. Including with the Dutch Prime Minister.

Before we talk about the Congresswoman’s opinion of this deal, let’s take a quick peek at just how “fully” the administration has been enforcing those sanctions that had actually virtually destroyed Iran’s economy and got them to a point where they were willing to pretend to talk about peace in the Middle East.

New statistics indicate that the Obama administration intentionally refrained from sanctioning Iran following the June election of President Hassan Rouhani, lending credence to multiple reports that the White House began secretly courting Tehran from the first moments of Rouhani’s presidency.

The stark contrast in the Obama administration’s approach on the sanctions front led some Iran experts to suggest that the White House shifted its policy in an attempt to woo the Rouhani administration before public talks that led to a recently inked nuclear accord.

In other words, the President was saying one thing and transparently doing another. We’re shocked.

We join with a bipartisan group in the Senate who don’t believe the President will negotiate with Iran in good faith and is using this process to simply jump start the Iranian economy.

Now, back to the Congresswoman’s remarks. Remember, she’s seen the deal.

She can’t understand why all the secrecy. She also reinforces our contention that the President never had any intention of coming down hard on Iran with respect to their nuclear intentions. That doesn’t give us a warm-fuzzy about anything to do with this process going forward.

“It’s not complicated, anyone can understand it.”

The problem here is that while “anyone” may be able to understand it we have no confidence that Barack Obama or John Kerry understand it. Or maybe they do understand it and they either don’t care that Iran is taking the US – and the rest of the world – to the cleaners.

Or maybe that was the whole point of the deal in the first place.

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