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Is zero tolerance dead in K-12?


We’ve been loud about the stupidity of zero tolerance rules in K-12 schools around the nation. We consider zero tolerance to be zero intelligence on the part of administrators.

The policy has given us stupidity like a boy being expelled for chewing his pop tart into –roughly – the shape of a gun. A six year old boy was expelled and had a letter in his file outlining sexual harassment of a six year old girl when he kissed her on the cheek. And on and on.

It seems that the Obama administration is on the case now and they want to eliminate zero tolerance.

The objective here seems to be to “keep students in class” because it will “increase the graduation rate”.

We have issues that anything proposed by Eric Holder and Arne Duncan. They are two of the most incompetent and corrupt human being currently walking the face of the earth.

Duncan’s concern that kids are being sent home for “non-violent” offenses concerns us as well. Our question is, do they consider kissing a six year old classmate on the cheek a “violent” offense? How about that pop tart? We don’t trust the federal government, especially these two clowns, to make that judgment.

We’re also concerned because Duncan and Holder’s concerns seem to be related to the fact that an inordinate number of black students are being sent home. Holder’s statement that “…if you’re a person of color you are unfairly likely to be suspended…”.

We’re concerned because that statement comes from the man who, as head of the Department of Justice, is presiding over the most racially charged DoJ in the history of the nation. His nomination for a department head is drawing fire from local police organizations because the nominee is an outspoken defender of Mumia abu Jamal, a cold blooded murderer of a white police office in Philadelphia.

We would note that Travon Martin should have been suspended under the non-zero-tolerance rules of his school in Florida, as a matter of fact he should have been referred to the juvenile court system for crimes at school. He should not have been on the street on the night he sucker punched and attacked George Zimmerman, who killed him in self defense.

It comes down to how the new rules are going to be administered. We’re solidly opposed to zero tolerance rules. We’re even more opposed to letting the likes of Eric Holder and Arne Duncan have anything to do with writing the rules.

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