War on Men: Jailed after over-paying late child support

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prisonsEven if Clifford Hall had been notified of a missed court date, DeVine Law thinks its a huge waste of taxpayer-resources to arrest a father that took care of the underlying child support arrearage.

Do we want Uncle Sam to be every child’s daddy while we play musical jail-chairs with working men, risking them losing their jobs so that the rest of us pay the child support via welfare? Especially when the child support is caught up and the attorney fees could be paid out of his next paycheck. I didn’t think so.

DeVine Law thinks there are enough real criminals available for crowded prison cells that to waste time on this:

A father who has been doing the right thing has had a warrant issued for his arrest after he overpaid child support and visited his 11-year-old son too often.

When the amount of child support was modified, Clifford Hall claims that he wasn’t notified, but he quickly acted to pay $3,000 that he owed. The attorney representing the child’s mother demanded attorney fees however, and the Judge agreed to it.

The Judge sentenced Hall to 6 months in jail after she modified the terms whereby he could visit the child and Hall fell out of schedule. Again he said he wasn’t notified.

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