TSA’s Creepy Cartoon to Brainwash Children

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(NaturalNews) The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is at it again with the police state propaganda, this time with the release of an animation aimed at brainwashing young children into accepting federal security checkpoints. An obvious attempt at justifying the agency’s continued violations of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the TSA public affairs clip tells kids that screeners are there to keep us all “secure,” in the process lying to them about what a TSA security screening actually entails these days.

Posted to YouTube on December 12, the cartoon opens with a family of talking dogs walking up to the TSA security checkpoint at the airport. One of the younger dogs asks his dad why they have to stop, and his dad nonchalantly explains that the so-called “Stop, Screen, Go” process is completely normal. When the younger dog gets frightened at the blue suits sitting behind the checkpoint counter, his father reassures him with a plastered grin that the TSA is completely harmless.

“[I]t’s not scary,” explains the docile “father” dog to his son. “TSA officers are here to keep us secure. So don’t worry, just remember: stop-screen-go.”

TSA animation lies to children about screening protocol

Besides the obvious propaganda aspects of the animation, it is not even accurate in explaining to children how the TSA screening process actually works. As you will notice, the family of dogs in the clip is instructed to walk through a common metal detector after having their boarding passes scanned by the first round of TSA screeners. Anyone who has been to an airport within the past few years knows that naked body scanners are now the preferred screening method used by the TSA to assault innocent travelers, not metal detectors.

“Do we get our toys back?” asks the younger dog to his father after sending his personal items through the X-ray machine.

“Yep,” responds the father dog. “You just need to walk through that rectangle first. It’s a metal detector,” he adds, ushering his family through the machine.

At no time during the clip is it explained that children and their families will most likely be forced to walk through a full-body backscatter X-ray machine that will blast them with cancer-causing radiation. And if not that, a full-body millimeter wave scanning machine designed to peep through travelers’ clothing and take snapshots of their private parts.

Don’t worry, son; the happy TSA agents are only groping your private parts for your own safety

Also missing from the “Stop, Screen, Go” process as it is presented in the animation is any mention of the full-body pat-down process, which is still forcibly administered to travelers who refuse to have their bodies visually molested by naked body scanners. Instead of being allowed to simply stroll through ametal detector, most air travelers are forced to submit to either visual or physical molestation at the hands of a random TSA screener.

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