The Troubled ‘Environmentalism’ Commodity

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16468051-abstract-word-cloud-for-commodity-with-related-tags-and-termsI’m old enough to remember the early days when so many of us were rolling our eyes skyward as news of the “Global Warming” movement began to spread across the dinner tables of 1970′s America. Dinner hour might as well have been comedy hour for those of us that were still of an age of being seen but, as yet, still not heard.

Farmers, as my Aunts and Uncles were (back when you could still do such a thing without the crazies trying to guilt you into paying twice as much money for products with half the efficacy of your garden variety fertilizers and pesticides) were deliciously entertained by all the fuss from city folk with no clue about living off the land. And They laughed themselves silly down at the local Agway… as they yucked it up with their fellow Farmers… about the whole “Save the Planet” jibberish.

Even back then they were smart enough to see the whole mess for the scam it really was. After all… this notion of getting all worked up into a lather because the planet was .1 degrees warmer than it had been 10 or 100 years ago was, they believed in those days, the stupidest damn thing they’d ever heard.

Seriously now…if you can’t believe what the weather man says about what’s going to happen tomorrow morning… what fool is going to give a second thought to anything that comes out of his mouth about what may or may not lie ahead 100 years into the future? Especially when the lot of them would be long-since dead and buried by then?

savetheplanetkillyourselfWhat none of those old-schoolers lived long enough to see, however, was just how serious the climate alarmists would become… or the lengths to which they would be willing to go to accomplish their goals (whatever those might be).

They would have laughed themselves silly if they had heard the stories we consider normal now, and would have been convinced that the whole world had lost its ever-lovin’ collective mind.

Now, before I get any farther ahead, in what will likely take two or three installments to actually say everything I have to say on this topic, let me be clear on my fundamental point:

I believe the Earth’s climate is changing. I believe this because I understand that she has been changing since the instant she became a planet. I further believe that, in the aggregate, all the assorted and sundry life forms that once inhabited her, inhabit her still, or will inhabit her one day in the future, arepart of… but not the cause of… any past or future changes she has, or will undoubtedly some day, experience.

This is absolutely not to say that we humans aren’t making a lot of messes we can’t clean up… or that we couldn’t be doing a great deal more to be good stewards of all that the Good Mother has to offer us.. But, on the fundamental notion that – if we don’t do something yesterday about the mess we’ve been making of her for hundreds of years – we’re solely responsible for all the changes she is going through? It’s a big steaming pile of sensationalized malarkey.

How do I know this?

alGore_1515233c-300x187Because no one cared until there was money to be made.

And once the idea of skimming profits off the backs of someone else’s labors and efforts began to take hold, self-appointed leaders (some of whom saw a chance to get theirown piece of the action) began crawling out from beneath their rocks of irrelevance and relative obscurity.

Forgive the long pull quote, but it’s important to “hear” how these people think:

Since he quit mainstream politics, Mr Gore’s personal fortune has risen from £1.2 million to an estimated £60 million.

He has made significant investments in environmentally friendly projects like carbon trading markets, solar power, biofuels, electric vehicles, sustainable fish farming and waterless lavatories. He has also invested in non-climate change related investments, including putting money into Google and Apple.

Mr Gore said it was “certainly not true” that he was going to become a “carbon billionaire” and that the suggestion came from global warming deniers.

He said: “I am proud to put my money where my mouth is for the past 30 years. And though that is not the majority of my business activities, I absolutely believe in investing in accordance with my beliefs and my values.” At a hearing earlier this year on clean energy legislation, Mr Gore was challenged by Republican congresswoman, Marsha Blackburn, over his investments.

She said: “The legislation that we are discussing here today, is that something that you are going to personally benefit from?”
Mr Gore said: “I believe that the transition to a green economy is good for our economy and good for all of us, and I have invested in it.”

He added that he had put “every penny” he has made from his investments into the non-profit Alliance for Climate Protection, which campaigns for solutions to climate change.


Except that, earlier in the piece, it was said that he “invested in non-climate change related investments” as well. Once a double-speaking politician, ALWAYS a double-speaking politician.


In a heated exchange Mr Gore said: “If you believe that the reason I have been working on this issue for 30 years is because of greed, you don’t know me.”

Mr Gore said he was “proud” of his record of investing in green technology.

But global warming sceptics are not convinced. Marc Morano of said: “Al Gore wants to become the first carbon billionaire and he is poised to do it.

“As much as Gore’s made now, it is going to be a piker league compared to what he is going to make in five years if all these new carbon trading mandates go through.”

And this is my point, and it’s certainly not about Al Gore alone: it is true that we have fundamental human behavior issues that have contributed to the mess we’ve helped make of the planet. But having said that, however large or small a part we humans might have played in some of these already-naturally occurring changes may be… changing our behavior is the only free option on the table.

The real problem has become our willingness to be forced to change our behavior by financially punitive measures, invoked on us by leaders whose primary objective is their own personal and financial enrichment.

And even as the rich and powerful exacerbate the problem with their misguided misdirection and hyperbolic rhetoric, we every-day slobs continue to be forced to pick up a tab none of us has the money to pay.

Before we help grow a sub-economy from which we will, personally, never financially profit… we should be focusing a great deal more on how to get the profiteers to go away so we can focus our attention (and our scant financial resources) on what we can do, individually, to – literally – clean up our act.

How? Wait for Part II to find out.

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