Stupid Things We Do When We Are Kids (I’ll go first)

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I’m 7 or 8 years old and I’m watching tv. Which in itself was an oddity because we had only 3 channels and I really liked being outside as opposed to inside. Anyways, a commercial comes on for Raid wasp/hornet killer spray. On the commercial it shows the cartoon figure spraying the wasp/hornets and them dying on contact. Right away I think 2 things:

1) That is really cool

2) I know where a wasp nest is 🙂

So I jump up and run to the kitchen sink cabinet. This is where we kept our cleaning supplies and what not. Lo and behold I find a can of Raid wasp/hornet killer. I look around the corner of the kitchen into the living room and down the hall to make sure no one sees me take the can of raid (little brother or Ma) and out the back door I go.

I run around to the front of the house to get a rock to throw at the wasp nest. So now I’m ready. I’m armed with the Raid and I have a rock I can throw at the nest to get the wasps to come after me.

I cut through my neighbors yard and go to this vacant lot with an old beat up shed that some of us kids used as club house and what not.

I see the wasp nest (a little bigger than a basketball) I have the can of Raid in my left hand and the rock in my right. I have a big smile on my face, I’m  about to do battle with the wasps. I throw the rock for all I’m worth, Boom, dead center! I put the can of Raid in my right hand, holding it like a gun. The wasps see me and start coming my way ( I still have that smile) I start to spray a little at a time, kind of like pulling a trigger. Pow , Pow, Pow  they are getting closer and for some reason they are not dying on contact like they showed on tv. So I hold the button down, and start spraying left, right, up, down, everywhere (my smile has gone away, replaced by grim determination) and then OUCH!! and another OUCH!! I’m doing circles now battling these wasps on all fronts! and then another OUCH!!

(This isn’t THE hive, but these guys are just about as happy!)

It took me a couple moments and the swarm of wasps to realize this junk doesn’t work and I need to make a quick retreat! So off I went, through the neighbors yard and back to my yard. I put the can of worthless Raid back under the kitchen sink and nursed my battle wounds…


The lesson I took from all of this beside not believing what you see on tv, is if you are going to throw rocks at wasp nest run right away!

What are some the stupid things you did when you were a kid?

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