Red People roll Crimson Tide, not SEC


boomer soonerConferences don’t play football games. Teams play them, and the coach of the flagship university with the most politically incorrect name certainly built a great one in his Sooners, even if at times their head coach Bob Stoops has seemed more concerned with the respective reputations of his Big 12 visa vis the SEC.

Thirteen years after he led the University of Oklahoma to a 2001 Orange Bowl victory and  the BCS National Championship in his second year; Stoops backed up his recent poo-pooing of the prowess of the Southeastern Conference by defeating Lou Saban and his defending BCS champion University of Alabama Crimson Tide in the 2014 Sugar Bowl, 45-31:

While yours truly, no SEC-worshipper he, actually agrees with recent statements Coach Bob stooped (pun intended and my apologies) to express concerning the relative quality of the bottom halves of the conferences represented in New Orleans on Thursday night; we think the better statement was made on the field by the team from Norman in the state whose name is a compound of two Choctaw words, “okla” meaning people, and “homma” meaning red.

So before the PC Police again project their bigotry against Seminole regalia and war dances and red skin in D.C.; let them go after the name of the great state of Oklahoma and see where that gets them!

Boomer Sooner!

Meanwhile, we await the BCS Championship Game on Monday night to see if the Auburn Tigers can extend the SEC’s string of national championships to eight when they face Florida State in Pasadena, California. Since the non-SEC Texas Longhorns defeated Southern Cal at the same venue in 2006; only Gators (twice), Tigers (LSU and Auburn varieties) and the Crimson Tide (three times), all of the SEC, have won the BCS national championship.

Gamecock Sand Lapper also sends out Palmetto State kudos to our University of South Carolina Fighting namesakes for their hard-fought victory over the Badgers of Wisconsin in the Capital One Bowl and to our little sister Clemson Tigers for last night’s Orange Bowl win over Urban Tebow-less Meyer’s Ohio State Buckeyes.

Feels right.

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