Rand Paul: If you like your privacy you can keep it

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We heard exactly the same thing.

We think Sen. Rand Paul is absolutely right on this issue. The NSA is collecting telephone metadata, they’re collecting credit card swipes, they’re collecting text messages. And that is data for EVERY phone call, EVERY credit card swipe, and EVERY text message.

The FISA Court is a big rubber stamp. The government goes and requests a warrant and they get it. There is NO oversight. The President is telling us the administration will provide oversight over the NSA. We’re absolutely sure that such oversight will equal the oversight of the administration over the IRS.

The FISA Court, as Sen. Paul outlines, is absolutely secret and there is no appeal. The whole idea of having a “Public Advocate” is a joke. Anyone who thinks this addition will change anything is a fool. Sen. Paul is correct to note that the IRS Public Advocate hasn’t been heard from at any point in the last five years.

We do disagree with the Senator on a couple of points. We don’t like this President and we don’t trust his motives. We absolutely believe that Soylent Green is on the President’s short list of things he wants to accomplish so he can eliminate hunger in the US.

We also refuse to grade the President on “effort” because, unlike the Senator, we don’t believe a nice speech counts for anything.

We give the President a resounding “F” on content because he’s not going to change anything. The NSA is going to continue to collect all the data they want, they will parse it in any way they want – and more frightening, they will parse in any way they’re told by their superiors, and the FISA Court will continue to rubber stamp their desires.

We hope this goes to the Supreme Court. If it doesn’t, and if the Supremes don’t uphold the 4th Amendment, this one could end up in the streets.

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