Promise zones from promise-breaking Obama

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obama liar4This finally settles the seminal question of who has been the “best” liar in American presidential history. Barack Obama is no Bill Clinton.

For the eponymous author of Obamacare to get within shouting distance of the letter “p” in promise after premium hikes and millions of cancelled health insurance plans and policies people were pleased with, relegates Obama to the second tier of prevaricators.

One would have thought that the Ivy League-educated community organizer would have found a better title for the latest liberal Democrat government-run scheme to triple-down on bringing down once-vibrant American cities and counties.

The following would be akin to a post-impeachment Clinton diversion-initiative titled, Lewinsky blue dress zones:

President Obama launched a program Thursday that directly addresses his second-term priority of combating income inequality in the USA. Unlike his recent pushes to extend emergency unemployment insurance and raise the minimum wage, the president’s call to establish five so-called “promise zones” to bolster private investment in economically distressed communities throughout the country was met with a measure of enthusiasm from Republican adversaries.

“It’s one thing to say we should help more Americans to get ahead, but talk is cheap,” said Obama, who praised Republican adversaries, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. Rand Paul, both of Kentucky, who attended his White House announcement.

If Kentucky’s Republican senators end up falling for this, they will win the Barney Fife Fool-me-twice-shame-on-me-Award. Has Obama surrendered in his War on Coal that has devastated the Blue Grass State? We didn’t think so.

Of course, America was promised prosperity as a result of the Stimulus and Obamacare five years ago. So since liberal Democrat government-run economic policies predictably failed again, what is the antidote? More, more and more government spending, of course. NOT!

It is no mystery that Obama is a liar and that government can’t fix cities and counties ruined by Democrats. Fire Democrats this fall and replace Obama with a Republican president in three years and maybe We the People can trust a GOP promise. But not before.

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson


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