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Police: Teacher showered student with gifts in open relationship



PASADENA, Texas – A Pasadena teacher was not shy about a romantic relationship he had with a 16-year-old female student, according to authorities.

tatePaul Edward Tate, 36, has been charged with having an improper relationship with a student and indecency with a child, based on a relationship he allegedly began with a student in October, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Tate and the student were seen on dates at various eateries around the Pasadena area, according to the news report.

According to court documents, a former student witnessed and took photos of the two walking arm in arm into a restaurant and feeding each other food.

The two were also seen at an Olive Garden restaurant earlier this month and appeared to be very open about their relationship, the news report said. Tate previously had been warned by an assistant principal to stay away from the girl.

The same assistant principal witnessed Tate purchase a $200 Pandora bracelet for the student, although Tate claimed he was purchasing it for his mother.

The bracelet was not the only gift that the student received from Tate. Witnesses and friends claim that the teen was showered with jewelry, a purse, and clothing.

The student was reportedly wearing the same Pandora bracelet during her interview with a Pasadena Independent School District Police Department officer, the news report said.

Phone records obtained by the PISD also show a number of text messages, photos and phone calls between the teacher and the student. The text messages indicated that there had been sexual contact and intercourse involved in the relationship. Court documents also indicated that the student sent sexual picture messages to Tate.

Tate was placed on administrative leave by the district shortly before winter break but has yet to be terminated or reassigned.

“Any time an educator is accused of an improper relationship, it’s important to make sure that the situation is reviewed thoroughly,” a district official said.

Tate is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.


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