Obamanistas in bed with Mexican Drug Cartels

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Anybody remember Fast & Furious? I can see how one might have forgotten. Of all the scandals of the Obamanistas that should have gotten Obama impeached and Holder (and Lerner, and Sebelius, and Jackson, and etc ) in prison, this was the first big one that we saw.

And now it looks like it might be a whole lot worse than we thought.


[please skip to the last section if you already know the main history of Fast & Furious]

Fast & Furious, First Edit
On December 14,2010, Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed in Arizona, in a shootout with Mexican drug traffickers. At first the death of Terry, and a year later ICE agent Jaime Zapata, were just another unremarkable page in a large book of tragedies associated with illegal immigration and drugs flowing over the border.

brian-jaime Then the 2 AK-47’s recovered on the scene turned out to have a remarkable history. And the story they told eventually uncovered a trail of lies, crimes, and abuses of law and authority that led all the way to Attorney General Eric Holder, and a cover-up that went as high as Barack Obama. Nixon was impeached and driven from office for far less.

A short and abbreviated recap of what ensued and what was learned:

  • The AK-47’s were part of an operation by BATF called Fast & Furious.
  • The operation’s stated purpose was to make high-value rifles and other armament available to the drug cartels near the Mexican border, and track the weapons as they wended their way to the cartel kingpins.
  • Under BATF instruction, local gun shops were instructed to ignore normal protocol and allow all guns to be sold no matter the buyer. Later, during the coverup, feds would attempt to pin blame on the gun shops themselves.
  • Eventually, 2 American federal agents and hundreds of Mexican nationals would be killed by guns provided to the cartels by F&F.
  • Locally stationed agents believed it was their job to track the guns. They were waved off – emphatically – by Washington-based higher-ups. This revealed the “stated purpose” to be a flat-out lie. To this day, the MSM in typical left-biased fashion reports this as a “botched operation”.
  • The trail soon led to Washington, where it appears that ATF and DEA operated under the instructions of the highest levels of the Justice Department.
  • Feds and the Obama administration threw up constant roadblocks to the investigation led by House Government Oversight committee and its chairman Darrell Issa. Attorney General Holder’s constant lies and evasions were so atrocious that the House took the rare step of voting him in Contempt of Congress.
  • About that time Barack Obama asserted “executive privilege” that he claimed meant Holder did not have to tell Congress what he knew.
  • It became plain that the Attorney General’s office was fully aware of the operation and was in fact receiving regular briefings. The attorney General himself quite possibly ordered the whole operation.
  • At the end, nobody (officially) knows who ordered or who controlled the operation. The administration seems to have no shame in hiding it.

There’s much, much more. But I have a really simple question. Why was Holder stonewalling and lying, and why did Obama cover Holder’s exposed ass with “executive privilege”? The specific answer really doesn’t matter. What it reveals is that both of them are dirty, lawless, law-breaking crooks.

Why did they even walk the guns?
The stonewalling makes it difficult to prove why it was done. There is no official admission of who ordered or ran the operation – not even a convenient patsy. Although the early version of the cover-up pointed fingers at the regional ATF office, that was quickly disproven by the trail of memos leading straight to the DOJ.

As for “why”. The predominant speculation is that the ATF/DEA/FBI/DOJ hoped that the flow of guns bought in America would lead to murders that would be traced back to American gun shops, and that the Democrats would scream bloody murder about the lack of proper gun control, leading to popular sentiment so the Democrats could pass stricter gun control laws.

That used to sound far-fetched. Now the new evidence shows we weren’t anywhere near cynical and distrusting enough.

Some of the other 5000 scandals…
If you feel bad about forgetting about Fast & Furious, please don’t. It just got lost in the herd of bad deeds, scandals, Constitutional outrages, impeachable offenses, and mockeries of decency. Here’s a sampling of other things that might have distracted you.

  • Benghazi, with reprehensible behavior before and during the attack, and the ensuing cover-up, blatant lies by Obama and numerous administration officials.
  • Administration support for the “Arab Spring”, and Muslim Brotherhood, and MB-led revolutions in the Middle East.
  • Administration’s soft war backing the jihadists in Syria (and Libya, and Egypt), while hanging out to dry the one actual populist uprising in the Middle East – that in Iran.
  • IRS harrassment and targeting of conservative groups during the run-up to the 2012 election. Another impeachment that didn’t happen. With numerous IRS employees perjuring themselves to Congress.
  • 5 years of blatantly and shamelessly cooking the books on unemployment numbers.
  • NSA going completely off the rails in spying on Americans – starting with AP and Fox News reporters. Also, Holder committing perjury in denying knowledge of it.
  • The EPA’s wars on coal, petroleum, Texas, and Toyota.
  • The vacations and the golf outings.
  • Secret Service advance teams in foreign countries throwing wild parties with hookers who would have had access to SS plans to keep the president safe.
  • Obamacare – reams of Obama lies (and practically every Democrat in America), then the implementation from hell – an ongoing mess that will never fully work. Much higher prices for much less medical coverage. The deliberate destruction of the insurance industry in order to force the dependence of all Americans on an eventually-to-be-proposed single-payer system.
  • Recess appointments to the NLRB when the Senate was not actually in recess.
  • More Obamacare – waivers for Congressional staff, unions, and other Obama cronies.
  • The rise of the welfare state through never-ending unemployment insurance payments, food stamps, and other bennies designed to keep Americans from looking for work.
  • Pigford
  • Even more Obamacare – using regulatory powers to force Americans to violate religious convictions regarding abortions.
  • Solyndra – and other ridiculous “green” projects that amounted to big fat payoffs to Obama donors.
  • Holder canceling the open-and-shut New Black Panthers racial intimidation case. Also using DOJ’s Civil Rights division to give Americans unequal justice according to race.
  • Obama shamelessly shilling for gun control after massacres.
  • Obama grabbing credit but hanging Hurricane Sandy victims out to dry.

I’m tired of listing them, and I’ve barely gotten started.

And now…….

Fast & Furious, with a new twist – DEA-DOJ-DHS in bed with the Sinaloa Cartel!!

In the Fast & Furious investigation by Issa and his committee, the Sinaloa cartel sure did seem to get mentioned alot. Turns out that the American feds have been working with the Sinaloa cartel. Since the Clinton administration. The DEA has allowed that cartel to operate in virtual freedom as long as they rat out the other cartels.

While apparently the Bush-era feds continued the relationship, the Obamanistas get no pass here. It now appears that Fast & Furious, an Obama administration operation, was just a front to provide large quantities of armaments to the Sinaloa Cartel. And those guns have been used to operate a large and dangerous crime organization, with thousands of murder victims and a reign of terror all up and down the border states of both Mexico and the United States.

Was this ever something the United States government should have even contemplated? Just add it to the list of all the other things Obama and his thugs have done, that should never have been done. And while we’re add it, add the bodies of Terry and Zapata to the stack of bodies left in the wake of this lawless administration.

PS – By the way, I’m EPU and I’m back, with a sunshiny smile, shiny new chew toys, and a vengeance. But mostly with a vengeance.

See ya around.

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