Obama uses KGB-tactics vs. Little Sisters of the Poor

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Little-Sisters-of-the-PoorDeVine Law appreciates that pro-abortion, liberal-Democrat-appointed Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has issued a temporary injunction prohibiting the Obama Administration from shutting down the health care and other charitable services rendered by the nuns of The Little Sisters of the Poor.

Should Sotomayor maintain this stay (and presumably her continuing ability to accept Mass from her priest on Sunday) of draconian-Obamacare penalties  for the refusal the employer-nuns to sign a government form facilitating the “free” extension of morning-after-abortion-pill, other abortifacient and sterilization “services” to their voluntary employees by a third-party insurance company pursuant to the HHS “contraception” mandate; it could ultimately give Chief Justice John Roberts the chance to partially redeem his soul from his disingenuous upholding of the Patient Protection (?) and Affordable Care Act writ large as constitutional. More legal details here at Powerline.

But thanks to a hat tip from JFA’s Pilgrim and Ukrainian Catholic University, we are struck by how similar is President Barack Obama’s so-called “accommodation” of the free exercise of religious conscience to tactics of the old Soviet-KGB and their puppet governments’ secret police, as well as tactics of their Putin-Russia orbit today:

Lviv, 18 May 2010, office of the rector, 9:50-10:34

On May 18 at 9:27 in the morning Fr. Borys Gudziak received a call on his private mobile phone from a representative of the Security Service of Ukraine [SBU] requesting a meeting. The meeting was scheduled for 20 minutes later at the rectorate of UCU. This official had had contacts with the UCU rectorate a year ago at the time of the visit to the university of the then President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko. He had made a visit to the rectorate in the late afternoon on May 11 with regard to a request of the Ecumenical and Church History Institutes to sign an agreement to use the SBU archives. At that time members of the rectorate were away from the office. He had, what Dr. Antoine Arjakovsky, director of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies, called a “very good meeting.”

Upon arrival on May 18 in a polite manner the agent related that certain political parties are planning protests and demonstrations regarding the controversial (and in some cases inflammatory) policies of the new Ukrainian authorities. Students are to be engaged in these protests. There is a danger that some of these manifestations may be marred by provocations. He stated that, of course, students are allowed to protest but that they should be warned by the university administration that those involved in any illegal activities will be prosecuted. Illegal activities include not only violent acts but also, for example, pickets blocking access to the work place of government officials (or any protests that are not sanctioned by authorities).

After his oral presentation the agent put on the table between us an unfolded one-page letter that was addressed to me. He asked me to read the letter and then acknowledge with a signature my familiarity with its contents. He stated that after I had read and signed the letter it would be necessary for him to take the letter back. Since I could see that the document was properly addressed to me as rector (I also noticed that it had two signatures giving it a particularly official character) I replied calmly that any letter addressed to me becomes my property and should stay with me — at least in copy form. Only under these conditions could I agree to even read the letter (much less sign)…

Besides noting the SBU’s solicitude for stability in Ukrainian society there are a few conclusions to be drawn from the encounter and the proposals that were expressed:

1. Signing a document such as the letter that was presented for signature to me is tantamount to agreeing to cooperate (collaborate) with the SBU. The person signing in effect agrees with the contents of the letter and their implication. In KGB practice getting a signature on a document that was drafted and kept by the KGB was a primary method of recruiting secret collaborators…read it all.

DeVine Law doesn’t believe that government should prohibit the right of free persons and private insurance companies to make contracts that suit their needs whether they be churches, satellite religious/charitable organizations or private for-profit corporations. And we especially don’t appreciate the subterfuge of always referring to an Obamacare mandate that requires facilitating or outright funding “women’s health” services that can induce abortions and otherwise end innocent life as a “contraceptive” mandate.

But surely it is a special abomination in a nation whose Supreme Law of the Land via its Constitution makes the free exercise of religion the first right in its Bill of Rights, to make pro-life nuns collaborators in taking innocent life in the womb.

Hoping Justice Sotomayor, as Supreme Court administrative Justice for the Tenth Circuit which includes the Little Sisters home in Colorado, maintains the stay:

DeVine Law


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