Obama gives 9/11-perps safe haven in Fallujah, Iraq

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neville-ohhhhbamaEven the Benghazi-Obama Administration can’t claim these terrorists aren’t “core” al Qaeda…but they probably will. Lying is what they do.

The United States didn’t invade and temporarily occupy two Islamist terror-nation-states after 9/11 on a maneuvers-locale-whim or for some sort of Maureen Dowd-defined Bush-family revenge-motive. It is true that agents of Saddam Hussein came perilously close to assassinating former President Bush41, but President Bush43 was content to continue the game of Hans-Blix-cat-and-WMD-mouse with no-fly-zone missile dodge-ball games on the side, before non-Iraqi-based terrorists hijacked three planes and killed 3000 Americans in the Lower Forty-Eight.

For decades before 9/11, terrorists sponsored by Iran, in safe havens in Taliban-Afghanistan, and trained inIraq, attacked and killed Americans overseas. Saddam Hussein conquered Kuwait and threatened to take over effective control of middle class-enabling oil supplies. Americans died to remove Iraq from Kuwait, then watched him use chemical WMD to attack his Kurdish opposition, defy the ceasefire agreement to account for WMD and fire at our no-fly-zone-enforcing planes. After 9/11 Hussein openly sponsored and appeared with the families of suicide bombers on Iraqi TV.

Before, and especially after 9/11, the United States was justified in removing his regime. We did so after 9/11 and after a surge that galvanized Iraqis against al Qaeda in Anbar Province, we removed the last safe haven of the perpetrators of 9/11 at the time.

President B. Hussein Obama unilaterally surrendered those gains, even by refusing to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) that would have served as  deterrent to the formation of future safe havens like the one from which 9/11 was launched in Afghanistan.

Today, America is less safe from future 9/11s as al Qaeda has re-taken portions of Anbar, including Fallujah:

This former neo-con does not favor long occupations of Islamist countries. But neither do we favor abandoning allies and strategic locations that empower enemies that have proven they can attack the homeland.

Our Commander-in-Chief is an appeaser that invites aggression against the United States.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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