Last Waltz of the Anti-Gun Tyrants


Graphic #1 Good peopleThis is the House that Freedom Built.

These are the good people who

lived in the House that Freedom Built,

honored their Judeo/Christian traditions,

treasured liberty,

supported family values, and

exercised their 2nd Amendment right to own and bear arms.

These are the deceivers who also

lived in The House that Freedom Built, and

pretended to

honor Judeo/Christian traditions,

treasure liberty, and

support family values, but

didn’t know which end of a gun to point when posing for pictures

in support of the 2nd Amendment right to own and bear arms.

Gaphic #2 Shooting backwards s


This is the “chosen one,” who spoke for the deceivers while campaigning for high office,

with beguiling public appearances, and

Graphic #3 Beguiling

oh-so-sincere teleprompter speeches, and

bamboozled the good people who

voted him into the position of ultimate power

in the House that Freedom Built.


This is the House that Freedom Built which

was locked down tight,

Graphic #4 WH behind bars

as the enablers and handlers of the Deceiver-in-Chief

began to fundamentally transform the country,

with executive orders that

bypassed Congress,

attacked Judeo/Christian traditions,

diminished liberty,

replaced parental choice with government regulations, and

began to destroy the 2nd Amendment right to own and bear arms.


So, what happened to the good people who live in the House that Freedom Built? Did they allow the  anti-gun tyrants to control their guns and steal their liberty? Click here to read the rest of this fable at granny

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