If only Obama had drawn Saddam’s red-WMD line?

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obamas-red-lineDoes anyone on Earth believe that the Bashir Assad-Syrian-puppet of the terrorist nation of Iran is voluntarily surrendering all of their chemical, much less all types of their of mass destruction, weapons for disposal to the United States for fear of U.S. Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama? No one except willfully-ignorant liberal sycophants in the western media and his own Democratic Party (video below).

The fact is that Russian President Vladimir Putin won the game of gunboat diplomacy and called our disgraced president’s wmd-red-line bluff by parking their Naval warships off Syria’s coast while the latter gave yet another meaningless speech; thus ensuring the survival of the terrorist regime on Israel’s border.

But yes, let us view the charade that lets the man, whose first autobiography was ghost-written by a Weather Underground terrorist and fellow professor at the University of Chicago, pretend he is feared on the world stage:

Meanwhile members of his own Democratic Party pretend to have undergone a dove-to-hawk metamorphosis getting to the right of the appeaser of Iran via a bill to increase sanctions on the world’s most prolific sponsor of terrorism should they fail to comply with their agreement not to develop nuclear weapons.

Had the Barack Obama who surrendered all American-blood-shed-surge-gains in Iraq, and who set a date-certain for withdrawal from Afghanistan, been President on September 11, 2001; all the Taliban would have had to have done to stay in power would have been to turn over their box-cutters. And Saddam Hussein would only have had to have given Hans Blix a jar full of mustard gas to avoid Shock and Awe, and could still have fired on our planes and sponsored the parents of suicide bombers on Iraqi National TV.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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