About that Global Warming that’s going to destroy us

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We live in Phoenix, Arizona, the global warming capital of the world. It’s supposed to be 72 today and at 1pm it’s a chilly 66. We didn’t always live in Phoenix. The Curmudgeon lived in Boston and New Hampshire and after we got married the lovely Mrs. Curmudgeon (who is a Curmudgeon by marriage ONLY) and I lived up and down the Northeast until we wised up in the early 90s.

We said all of that to say this. We know what nasty, cold, icky, icy, snowbound weather is like. We lived in New Hampshire in the 70s and barely survived the Blizzard of 78 that shut Massachusetts down (literally) for three days. Been there, done that, got a t-shirt.

The 70s was that time when climatologists were concerned about “global cooling”. It was an accepted fact among all scientists that the earth was headed for another ice age.

14-0103 - Global Cooling

That was all the rage for a while and then “global warming” caught on.

As you know, we’ve been inundated for the last decade with the likes of Algore and his hysterical predictions about the polar ice melting and flooding the coastal regions of the world into oblivion.

We haven’t heard much from him this week though. An expedition headed for the South Pole region to measure the ice and tell us all about how the Antarctic ice is going away. You haven’t heard much about it – except in the UK’s Daily Mail – because the ship full of scientists got frozen into a huge flow of sea ice in an area where 100 years ago wooden ships sailed freely.

[Pausing to laugh]

That’s compounded by a story you’ve heard about and will hear a lot more about here in the US.

We’d certainly have voted to let the scientists sit on their ice-bound ship and starve, but for the folks in the Northeast today, our prayers are with you. We’ve been there, but I already said that. Stay safe.

And for the Green Bay Packer fans who are looking forward to playing the San Francisco 49ers in -8F weather, have a fun day. Sorry about that 49ers.

And for those global warming/climate change fanatics… you can rot someplace warm. Or hot.

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