Georgians help homeless man who walked 29 miles to court

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homelessJoeForAmerica reported here last week on an Atlanta man that walked eight hours from his downtown homeless shelter to pay a traffic ticket in Lilburn, Georgia, lest a bench warrant be issued. As Ray Norman began his return walk home, sympathetic Lilburn police officers chipped in to pay an $80 cab fare back to his Obamanomics-ravaged home downtown shelter home.

Since that report, many generous Peach State residents have sought out Mr. Norman to help him. From The Patch:

Ray Norman told WSB-TV he’s “down on his luck,” and that is why he is staying at a homeless shelter in Atlanta.

But his luck may be changing. After learning of his story, total strangers are coming forward to help the man out. One man even gave Norman $3,000 and is helping him find a job.

People have also offered the Lilburn officers money for their good deeds, but they cannot accept it due to the department’s policy. Instead, the good hearted officers are asking people to send their money and support to Norman.

Initial video report:

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