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The Concession of the Republic


Many times I have lamented how the Progressives are winning the battle to transform this great Republic into a Social Democracy. It has now become quite clear that I have been wrong  — they are not winning, the Conservations are simply conceding to them. Consider the following:

  • The most recent and explicit example is the Conservative’s lambasting of Gov. Huckabee for pointing out the demagoguery of the Democrats in their ruse of convincing women that Republicans are engaged in a war against women, proven by their disagreement with the Democratic policy that women must be provided contraceptives by the government. The concession displayed in this instance is the Conservative’s opinion that the words used by Huckabee, even though absolutely accurate as used within the context of his statement, were inappropriate, not because of the accuracy of the statement, BUT BECAUSE THE CRITICS WOULD LIE TO THE PUBLIC AND THE PUBLIC WOULD BE BAMBOOSLED!
  • Over and over the Conservatives have been cautioned by their so-called leadership to not publicly use the word “alien” when referring to the millions of law breaking illegal aliens that are now being deemed as having “earned their right to citizenship”.
  • Conservatives are cautioned about criticizing Obama because in so doing one proves that all Conservatives are RACISTS and there is no comeback of consequence from the leadership.
  • The Constitutional Conservatives, AKA “Tea Party”, members of congress who were fulfilling their Constitutional duty when refusing to approve funding for some elements of Obamacare were openly persecuted by the Republican mainstream leadership for having the integrity to perform their sworn duties. This persecution greatly exacerbated the Progressive’s claim that the Republicans, not Obama, shut down the government.

There are countless other examples of the concessions granting victory to the Progressives and, unfortunately, many every day conservative and freedom loving Americans have been swallowed by the illusion that to speak the truth is no longer acceptable and must be secondary to “Political Correctness”. It seems to this observer that our belief in our Constitution and the principals of Conservatism have become so diluted by the fear of reprisal from the Progressives and their media servants that our priority is to say nothing that might raise the ire of the enemy. And what no one seems to understand is that to not speak the truth is, in essence, the equivalent of telling a lie (PC word is non-truth). Or is it that the old line Republicans are just afraid of the Progressives? Whatever the case, we are conceding without a fight!

Does the Republican Leadership have any clue as to what is going on???

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