Freezing in the land of plentiful coal

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Currently the nation is enveloped in one of the coldest spells in memory. Not the coldest ever, mind you, just crazy cold. It goes without saying that the Left is screaming GLOBAL WARMING YOU GUYS!!!!, because if you haven’t learned by now, Global Warming causes heat, cold, the absence of heat or cold, the higher or lower incidence of tornadoes, hurricanes, and liver spots. It’s pretty handy that way.

Now back to this little cold snap. Our electrical grids strain to keep up with the demands of life-saving heat. Truthfully, if the grids start going down or browning out, people will die as a consequence. Real people, or “folks” as Obama calls them when there’s political value in it, will die.

Meanwhile, coal plants which supply…..yes, you guessed it, ELECTRICITY, and not just a little but enough to fuel the country for 150 years that we know of, these plants are being mothballed by the Obamanistas in droves, because GLOBAL WARMING. Or because BUSH, or perhaps because RACISM, I honestly lose track when the Lefties talk so much without using any common sense.


So, life-threatening cold, in the land of plentiful coal. What to do, what to do? The practical man would say, hey, that coal stuff will kill you (and dolphins and puppies too). We can’t afford to keep you alive this week. We have to save you…, later!

Freeze, peasants! Selfish earth-haters! Global Warming Deniers!

Right? I mean, Left?

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