Free pre-legalization potheads still in Colorado prisons

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Colorado-Marijuana-SeedsThe United States Constitution prohibits “ex post facto” laws that would criminalize past acts that were legal when committed. But of course there is no prohibition in re-visiting the sentences of persons convicted of acts later de-criminalized.

Yet, a funny thing happened on the way to affirming the libertarian civil right to smoke and be taxed while puffing on a doobie in Colorado. They forgot the refugees of the cannabis-Prohibition Era:

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know about what’s happening in Colorado – it’s marijuana mayhem! Weed has finally become legal for retail sale in that state, and more might follow. And yet, there are still hundreds of marijuana convicts sitting in jail. We talk to social justice journalist Matt Fleischer about America’s policy of not guaranteeing “retroactive ameliorative relief,” or letting marijuana convicts out of prison after the law changes.

Marijuana has been known to make people lazy and forgetful. It seems lawmakers in the Centennial State may have hit the bong too much before thinking through legalization. Should the free people of Colorado be having this much fun while those imprisoned for their right to party continue to languish in jail:

Pot heads that could be paying taxes on the outside remain in stir costing the state tax dollars. Free the tokers! Seriously.

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