Would it ever not be ‘cruel’ to limit unemployment benefits?

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unemployment-580x435From its inception and for most of its post-New Deal history, employees laid-off by employers could draw a maximum of 26 weeks of unemployment compensation. Throughout the Great Depression and all recessions before 2008, President Barack Obama’s liberal Democrats defined “compassion” as funding jobless benefits for half a year.

But Democrats re-claimed both houses of Congress in 2006, and in 2008 and since has re-defined “caring” to require up to 99 weeks of “benefits” for the newly unemployed. If one opposes five years of such “extensions” then one is now deemed heartless, i.e. a tea partier, conservative and/or Republican.

Never mind that big-hearted Democrats favored limiting unemployment comp to 26 weeks for more than 70 years and that even now, they would cut off benefits if a person remains jobless for a 100th consecutive week. And for God’s sake never mind that Democrats impose job-killing Obamacare, anti-cheap energy and other Obamanomics policies as a matter of course. They have defined caring as more, more and more for the victims of their spread-the-wealth policies, and not as advancing laws that would have made the loss of jobs less likely.

Sadly, rather than insist upon policies that would encourage job creation in exchange for a sixth year of “extensions”, Republican leadership instead demands that the new entitlement be “funded”, as if we aren’t borrowing from China and running The Fed’s printing press 24/7.

How long will 99 weeks be deemed as sufficiently “caring” for the jobless in a Democratic Party economy that increasingly adds American drop-outs to the permanently unemployed? How long? Till the next extension expires and the next election day gets closer.

Republicans need to make the moral caring argument against the Democrats that have wrecked the economy resulting in so many unemployed. It is no mystery that less taxes and regulation makes job-creation recoveries more likely. Democrats know this too, yet they pursue policies that create more candidates for food stamps, SSI and unemployment benefits. This is an insidious and immoral mode of operation and the GOP should indict the Democrats for it in those terms.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson


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