Death Panel: Hospital releases brain-damaged patient to coroner


obama-death panelBefore and after the Hippocratic Oath and before Obamacare there were death panels; whether they be an aged Cherokee Indian walking into that good cold night to relieve the burden of their care by the tribe or families, doctors and insurance companies collaborating over the level of life support practical to maintain the severely disabled.

The objection to Obamacare’s (Independent Payment Advisory Board) IPAB-version that Sarah Palin first shined the light on, is that it injects the force of government into the mix to put saving money on human life so that there is more spending authority available for other liberal Democrat-government-run projects.

The IPAB along with new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act regulations that fine hospitals for admitting the uninsured more than once per month and that exclude them from subsidized plans, are already bearing ominous, if indirect, fruit:

Late Sunday night, Children’s Hospital Oakland released Jahi McMath to her family after a protracted legal battle over whether the hospital had the right to remove her from life support.

On Friday, the hospital reached an agreement with McMath’s family to allow a medical team to enter the hospital to perform the procedures necessary to move her to a medical facility that will continue her care and treatment.

Although the hospital maintains McMath is “brain dead,” her mother and family say she is alive following a tonsillectomy gone awry that has left her in an incapacitated state since early December. The family in the case says the hospital has been starving Jahi for three weeks.

To push the notion that McMath is “brain dead” and unable to recover, the hospital released McMath to the county coronor who, in turn, released McMath to her family. The hospital refused to fit her with a feeding tube or a breathing tube that would help stabilize her during a move.

The Eighth-grader was released to the coroner who then released her into the custody of her mother Latasha Winkfield as per court order…

Of course, the job description of coroners is to determine the cause of death, and as long as one’s heart is beating, no matter the condition of the brain, biology and the law as applied to humans that survive abortions, still defines such beings as alive and thus not an appropriate subject of government-employed coroners.

Miss Bush yet? Thought so.

Hospitals have gotten Obamacare’s Grim Reaper message.

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