DAY 12: The Obama Hawaiian Vacation Crisis

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imageCan you hear the CNN music and see the concerned look on Wolf Blitzer’s beard as the nightly report on Obama’s important vacation in paradise rolls across your television?

Sure, there’s what might be the beginning of a stock market crash, continuing war and unrest in the Middle East, terrorist bombing in Russia – home of the next Olympics – unemployment, ObamaCrap, no growth, no jobs, no Hope and no change in plans for our President to get some much-needed body-surfing in for a job well done, sir…

What’s he doing? What’s Michelle and the kids doing? Where are they eating? Hope it’s healthy!! I’d shoot myself in the head, except ammo is too tough to come by these days.

You even might be thinking a little contrarian and wondering why the most intelligent man in the history of the world doesn’t take advantage of an opportunity like this and announce that due to the fragile recovery, instead of spending $5 million of taxpayer money on a Hawaiian vacation – he’s going to take the family to Howard Johnson’s for the weekend?

king obamaBlam! He’s the hero again. The press goes nuts for the benevolent King Obama and his self-sacrificing family who really, really cares about us peasants! It would work, too – look at the idiots who vote to re-elect this limp leader?

But he goes to the homeland(?) anyway. Why?

The answer is simple and it’s the same answer to why he doesn’t give two Shiites about more people losing their insurance than who have signed up for ObamaCare. Same reason he doesn’t care four Americans were abandoned in Benghazi and murdered. Same reason he doesn’t care about ignoring, undermining and flaunting our Constitution.

Obama happy tears constitutionThe reason is: He doesn’t care.

Once you start truly believing that, you’ll sleep better at night, knowing how to better do battle tomorrow. He said he was going to fundamentally transform this country and to do that, it must be fundamentally broken down and it’s traditions and structure torn apart and dismantled.

Got it?

You think he needs some goofy PR moment about not going to Hawaii to retain his support from the media and the tens of millions of people he’s effectively put on the dole, convinced they’re entitled to it? Pa-lease…

So: Day 12 – what’s Barack Obama up to? Answer: No good.

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