Congressional Candidate Saves Woman Trapped in Wrecked Car

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Conrad Reynolds

(Beebe AR.) Col. Conrad Reynolds is not your average Congressional candidate.  Having served in numerous combat zones around the world (Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan), Reynolds has seen his fair share of emergency situations.  He did not expect, however, at about 8:30am to encounter an overturned, smoking vehicle while riding to a gun show in central Arkansas.

“I saw the car flipped over on the side of the road and I said to my friend, ‘Nobody’s stopping to check if anybody is inside.”   They continued to the nearest exit and headed back to the scene.  Smoke was coming from the engine, but sure enough, a woman was stuck inside.

Reynolds was able crawl in through the back hatch of the SUV and pull the woman to safety.  He brought her to his car and waited for the police and ambulance to arrive.  Reports from the scene indicate that the woman suffered cuts and bruises but will recover fine.

Conrad Reynolds

Politicians usually get a bad rap, but every now and then a man of character and integrity runs for office.  From these reports, it would seem that Col. Reynolds falls into that category.  Our country is currently facing a similar state of crisis.  Let’s hope more people like Col. Reynolds get to Washington to help pull us out in our hour of need.

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