Congress Should Spend More Time Home

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barrycadesIf nothing else, the government shutdown showed that when Congress spends more time at home less tax money gets spent and no one seems to mind..

When you look at the abysmal approval rating of Congress, it’s no wonder that none of them want to spend any time in their districts. Half the time they do hold a townhall meeting or show up at a rally, they get yelled at – and rightly so. What have most of them done, but spent the country into bankruptcy?

imagePerhaps our legislative process needs a technological update? You read where corporations are savings millions of dollars annually by taking advantage of Skype meetings rather than expensive worldwide travel and lodging. And of course the advent of email versus stamps have cut expenses tremendously for business. So why do our representatives still operate out of Washington DC, when they’re supposed to be concerned about the folks back home?

They could be voting electronically and meet using the latest in online technology, while living in the district they represent – instead of Washington – where they are baraged by lobbyists who seem to always get the better of them when it comes time to vote. Maybe if these Congresspeople ate in restaurants in their districts, went to the local mall, got their haircut on mainstreet U.S.A and actually interacted everyday with the people they’re supposed to be representing, there would be far less temptation to engage in the sort of shenanigans which have led us to this $17 trillion mess?

John Boehner, Paul RyanI guarantee you that if your representative was seen out and about with his family at church, at the diner, maybe having to go to traffic school – his or her approval rating would sky rocket just out of familiarity. And if they knew they had to look their constituents in the face everyday they’d do a more responsible job and you know it. If they saw a veteran in a wheelchair once a week, I doubt a Republican would vote to cut his or her pension.

Not to mention the cost savings for the government, the congresspeople themselves and the fact that the families of the politician would get to spend a lot more time with the Senator or House rep because they’re home and not in D.C. Do I have to say what a terrific effect this might have on marriages?

I guess I do.

imageEverybody wins, except those damn lobbyists and when I go to Washington, I’m going to draft legislation to make this a reality.

Wait – you think they’ll lobby against it?

Rodney Lee Conover

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