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Concealed carry permit applications way up in Chicago


Concealed carry is about to make Chicago a safer city. Maybe. Law enforcement officials – and we use that term very loosely when it comes to Chicago – have processed over 15,000 concealed carry applications in the last week.

We think it’s outrageous that permits that have been approved by the State Police must now, according to the commentator, be approved by “… police, sheriffs, state’s attorneys, and the attorney general’s office…”.

We live in Arizona, land of the free. In our state if your handgun is registered, which means you’ve undergone a background check to purchase it, you can carry it either open or concealed. You can also apply for a CCW permit which costs less than $100. The cost in Chicago is over $500.

We’re pretty sure that the approval chain is nothing more than Chicago and the State of Illinois’ way of putting as many roadblocks in front of people who want to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms as they possibly can.

We’re confident that the new police chief in Detroit is right, concealed carry by the good folks brings down crime rates and especially murder rates.

We congratulate the good people of Illinois, and especially those in Chicago, for standing up for their Constitutional rights. We also hope somebody hauls the state back into court for another loss over the daisy chain of approvals that will likely take months to navigate.

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