Here comes the State of the Union

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The President’s annual State of the Union traveling road show and Amazon wish list is cuing up. Prior to Woodrow Wilson the President just sent a letter to the Congress with the details minus the drama. We’ll probably never see that again. Unfortunately.

As our current showman was quick to note last year, JFK noted that in order to accomplish anything the President and the Congress had to work together. Why in the world the President would bother to quote that speech is beyond us. He can’t even work with Democrats let alone “the Congress”.

I have a pen…

Over the last year, as the commentator noted, we’ve seen movement on same-sex marriage, ObamaCare is off and stumbling, McCain, etal got amnesty through the Senate, the administration ignored jobs for the fifth year running, and they managed to pin the government “shutdown” on not just Republicans, but they joined WITH beltway Republicans to pin it on the Tea Party.

What can we expect this year?

On same-sex marriage we doubt there’ll be much more than a passing comment on the “advance of civil rights” despite the intransigence of the extreme right. There certainly won’t be a mention of the DoJ’s refusal to follow precedent and defend the Defense of Marriage Act before the Supreme Court. They could try to make a little hay on the DoJ’s ruling that no matter what the State of Utah says, same-sex marriage in Utah will be recognized by the Federal Government.

On ObamaCare, we’ll hear more lies about the number of people who have “enrolled” without reference to anybody actually paying for their coverage. They’ll also ignore the 5 million policies that were cancelled. All will be bright and shiny.

The President will press John Boehner to pass comprehensive immigration reform to rousing cheers from the crowd. The Spineless Speaker is working hard on getting that done.

Mr. Obama, who seems to have a pretty much no-show union job, will exhort the Congress to pass his “jobs legislation” again. He won’t address the fact that his regulators and his signature legislation – ObamaCare – are the reason jobs aren’t being created in the private sector. He also won’t note that ONLY private sector jobs are productive and have a real impact on economic growth. Government jobs, while some are necessary, are a drag on the economy.


We suspect he’ll hail the unemployment rate dropping below 7%, he won’t tell you that the only reason it’s not 11% is because millions of people have given up looking for a job in his lousy economy.

Since the President is asking for another increase in the debt ceiling, he’ll make a big point out of the House passing a “clean” increase so we don’t harm the economy “again”. More cheers from the amnesty crowd.

We don’t expect to hear much about foreign affairs, after all everybody’s forgotten about that Syria place and the New York Times investigative report confirmed that Benghazi was started by a video.

As for 2014, we expect to hear about the wonders that ObamaCare will perform on the economy and the lives of our uninsured citizens. We won’t hear about how those who were uninsured last year aren’t interested in buying insurance through the exchanges.

We’ll hear how the President is going to work on that income inequality thing. He’ll call it something else. He won’t do a damn thing, because the best way to attack inequality is to get the economy moving so people can go to work.

The President will talk forever, he’ll say a combination of nothing and lies and the speech will be hailed by the media, and John Boehner will go back to work with the AmnestyClub working on creating 40 million new Democratic voters.

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