Cold Obamacare-wind should blow Senate Dems out in 2014


throw-the-bums-outIt seems even allies of Speaker John Boehner have resolved to wax optimistic concerning the Republican Party’s chances of regaining control of the U.S. Senate in this year’s mid-term election. More from Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) below outlining the likelihood of GOP pickups of at least the six required to put Republicans in the majority of that body for the first time since 2006; but first a reminder of what produced such rosy scenarios:

The suffering caused by five years of Obamanomics and four months of Obamacare.

Thanks to Republican Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT) and their government-shutdown allies, no American holds any member of the GOP accountable for Obama-Democrats’ exclusive Big-If-You-Like-Your-Insurance-Plan-Lie.

No need for any more government shutdowns. The point is made.

Now, Republicans simply need to remind voters of what Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand admitted recently:

We all knew,” Mrs. Gillibrand said on ABC’s “This Week,” referencing the fact that she and [other elected Democrats]were fully aware that Obamacare would result in [policy]cancellations.

“We all” includes fellow Obamacare-supporting Democrat senators, or open seats formerly held by such Democrats, totaling 21 such seats up for grabs in 2014 in: Montana (open/Baucus), North Carolina (Hagan), West Virginia (open/Rockefeller), South Dakota (Johnson), Arkansas (Pryor), Louisiana (Landrieu), Alaska (Begich), Colorado (Udall), Delaware (Coons), Illinois (Durbin), Iowa (Harkin), Massachusetts (Markey), Michigan (Levin), Minnesota (Franken), New Jersey (Booker), New Mexico (Udall), Oregon (Merkley), Rhode Island (Reed), Virginia (Warner), Hawaii (open/Schatz) and New Hampshire (Shaheen).

An ad already running in the Live Free or Die state reminds voters that:

If they don’t like their Obamacare-Democrat senator, they don’t have to keep them!

Cole handicaps the races below:

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson


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