The Church of Climate-ology and the EPA

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Church #2 Once upon a time there lived a politician who salivated when thinking of the power, money, and adoration that would come his way when he became the most powerful person on the planet as president of his country. Unfortunately, he didn’t quite win election, and so, shifted his focus from global leadership to global warming. He reinvented himself as Father GreenJeans and launched a cause as guardian of all things green, including Christmas trees, pond scum, and Kermit.

 Because every “progressive” cause required a designated culprit, Father GreenJeans decided to blame global warming on carbon dioxide emissions created by fossil fuel emissions. To promote his ideology, he flew hither and yon in his private, carbon-spewing jetliner, ranting and raving against oil robber barons who were killing the planet and melting polar caps with their poisonous product . . . crude oil.

Father GreenJeans published and sold millions of copies of his book of inconvenient half-truths, built a carbon-gobbling mansion, and became the favorite child of the tree huggers in tinsel town. They assisted in the creation of a documentary horror story that scared the c-c-carbon out of viewers. Father GreenJeans became a global sensation for his heroic efforts to save the planet, and was awarded an Oscar, the Nobel Peace Prize, and a divorce (in that order).

To boost membership in his ministry in The Church of Climate-ology (and to sell more books, DVDs, bumper stickers, and t-shirts), Father GreenJeans launched a cable TV network that attracted almost no viewers. When he decided to dump his failed show biz investment, guess who showed up with 30 pieces of silver? His former enemies, the “fossil fuel merchants of death,” who owned Al Qaeda’s favorite propaganda network, Al Jazerra TV. Their programs featured hate-filled diatribes that championed extermination of Jews, homosexuals, the country of Israel, and all non-Muslim infidels.Church #3

Cash outweighed conviction and Father GreenJeans sold out to the America haters which gave them instant access into millions of homes in the very country they were dedicated to destroy. What a convenient truth! Now Al Qaeda could influence idealistic American teenagers to strap on home-made bombs, proclaim “Allah Akbar” and blow themselves to smithereens in crowded pizza parlors.

Arrrrrgh! (But, I digress.)

Then, when Mother Earth moved into a cooling cycle, global warming became a tougher sell.  So, Father GreenJeans packed up his millions of dollars and wandered away from The Church of Climate-ology.

His followers merged with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), which had been founded on the half-truths and falsehoods promoted by Father GreenJeans. The unelected Kool-Aid drinking bureaucrats of this agency had become super-duper empowered to develop super-duper programs to “save” Mother Earth at any price and by any means whatsoever.

Cheered on by DeChurch #4r Fuehrer in the White House, the EPA declared they were guardians of Mother Earth. The agency not only declared war against any type of “climate change,” but also against those responsible for record-breaking winter temperatures and appearance of the dreaded “polar vortex.”

You’ll be astounded to discover who and what became the targets of the blame-and-penalize game! Click here to finish reading this story at The Granny Guerrillas’ blog.


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