Senate candidate Sasse echoes DeVine’s move-Nation’s Capitol proposal

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ben sasse2The Grand Bargain struck after a June, 1790 dinner between Alexander Hamilton and Monticello-host,Thomas Jefferson, for the central government to pay off state debts in exchange for building the District of Columbia in a malaria-ridden southern swamp was brilliant for its time. The 13 sovereign states were threatening to split over a war-debt-driven economic depression with Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia most-opposed to bailing out northern states. And given the relative weakness of the federal government formed under the proposed U.S. Constitution, the location of the seat of that government seemed relatively innocuous.

Two Hundred and Fourteen years later later, that Washington-based government controls nearly every aspect of Americans lives, populated with professional elected politicians and bureaucrats more concerned with maintaining their power and getting invited to the best Georgetown cocktail parties than preserving a limited government necessary to Liberty-fueled pursuits of happiness.

For that reason, JFA’s Mike DeVine has for many years advocated a constitutional amendment breaking up the incestuous-government “company” town in favor of rotating the meeting place of Congress every four eight years between state capitols, beginning in  Montgomery, Alabama.

Nebraska would suit our purposes just as well; so we are ecstatic to hear that a Republican candidate for a Cornhusker State, U.S. Senate seat echoes our concerns:

One Republican Senate candidate, Ben Sasse of Nebraska, has proposed what is perhaps the most drastic anti-establishment idea to date: move our nation’s capital from Washington D.C…. to Nebraska.

Sasse put out a 30-second local TV ad called “The Outsider” during football broadcasts over the weekend with that goal in mind.

Click here for ad video at Breitbart (see Sasse candidacy announcement below):

We do not bemoan gridlock per se, which was usually a good thing before courts, congresses and an executive bureaucracy (even before the coronation of King George II aka Barack the Messiah) emasculated the U.S. Constitution that created a federal government of limited and enumerated powers. Admittedly we now need non-gridlockian conservative Republican government to repeal Obamanomics and Obamacare and fix what ails the United States today.

But we favor eliminating the federal district on the Maryland-Virginia border for reasons of isolation akin to the distant parliament Americans went to war to rid themselves of in 1776.

After Lincoln, NE gets corrupted we can move the capitol again…


G. Sand Lapper

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