Baseball HOF: PED-cheaters ‘only’ get to keep money, records

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mlb-hall-of-fameBut they aren’t entitled to be inducted into the most exclusive hall of fame in American sports.

Barry Bonds may have had HOF-worthy numbers before he enhanced the performance of reverse-voodoo-head-shrinkers. Same for Roger Clemens even if his noggin remained relatively proportional to his artificially bulked up-body. And?

O.J. Simpson was my favorite former running back until he started hacking up white people in Brentwood.

To hear the pissing and moaning of some baseball fans in the Age of Bad Boy-irresponsibility, one should be allowed to make millions, break hard-fought-for-records set by MLB icons of integrity like Hammerin’ Hank Aaron (755 home runs) and Randy Johnson (5 Cy Young awards); while cheating longevity by taking performance enhancing-drugs AND be honored for it? Thankfully, not according to most baseball writers privileged to determine the matter:

Roger Clemens (37.6 percent in 2013 to 35.4 percent in 2014), Barry Bonds (36.2 to 34.7),Mark McGwire (16.9 to 11.0), Sammy Sosa (12.5 to 7.2) and Rafael Palmeiro (8.8 to 4.4), who all compiled big numbers but were tainted by the steroid era, each saw his vote percentage drop. Palmeiro will be removed from future ballots after falling to 25 votes and 4.4 percent — below the 5 percent threshold necessary to remain eligible for next year’s vote.

No one seeks to have the cheaters return portions of their salaries based upon morals clauses and MLB dropped the Roger Maris-asterisk decades ago. That’s enough for the cheaters.

We congratulate our Atlanta Braves inductees Greg Maddox, Tom Glavine and Bobby Cox as well as Frank “Big Hurt” Thomas of the Chicago White Sox on their inductions:

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