A Janitor Secretly Created This Baffling Masterpiece.. 30 Years Ago

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janitor-300x214It took him seven years, working in complete secrecy, to make his masterpiece. A janitor, toiling away in his spare hours created what is no doubt the most unreal piece of combination artwork and puzzle – all by hand. And when he was finished, no one knew – until now.

This may be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

I admire so much when someone devotes a part of their lives to something they can leave the world rather than waste it cavorting or watching television. This is true art which required no grant, no limelight and no inspiration other than a man’s desire to perfect it out of his vision..

Hat tip to ViralNova:

Over 30 years ago, a man spent 7 years hand-drawing the most complex, unbelievable and probably unsolvable maze I’ve ever seen. His daughter recently posted the following photos on Twitter and, needless to say, the entire Internet is exploding with questions about her dad.

So who is the man behind it? A professor? A mathematician? A wizard? No, no, and no. The correct answer is… the university janitor.

The maze is 34 x 23.3-inches.

maze5PHOTO: TWITTER @Kya7y

Twitter user Kya7y’s dad, who was a janitor at a university in Japan, spent more than 7 years working on this…




…30 years ago.



To this point, he has remained completely anonymous and wants no public recognition for his phenomenal work.



Even more incredible, it seems to be completely unsolvable.



Art connoisseurs are going crazy over this, both for its artistic brilliance and its impossibility to solve. To think a university janitor was behind this shows that we should never judge anyone by their occupation or position in life. This is awesome work.

To date, no additional information has been shared about the maze or the man behind it. But it’s without a doubt one of the most humble, remarkable creations I’ve ever seen.


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