The Winter Solstice of our Obamanomics discontent

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obamanomicsThat days start getting longer after today’s Winter Solstice should generally be cause for hope with Northern Hemisphere-ians including Americans.  Before Benjamin Franklin invented Daylight Savings Time-springs forward, our Creator set Earth on its God-time-axis promising an eventual Vernal Equinox-warming and the renewal of life, if only one can hold on through the winter.

Free people have reason for hope when allowed to be fruitful and multiply with the gifts of God made more abundant by what happens every Spring. But what if “experts” intervene in the natural cycle of life and the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness conferred by Natural Law? They did so five years ago leaving millions in a perpetual economic winter with no nest-building-robins less than three years away.

The fruits of a five-year dose of Obamanomics:

  • Less Americans are employed today than were on Inauguration Day, 2009;
  • Less Americans have health insurance today than before an Obamacare whose main promise was to provide insurance to the uninsured;
  • Energy prices to heat your home are at record highs;
  • Gasoline remains above $3/gallon;
  • Drops in the “official” but mainly irrelevant U-3 unemployment rate from its 10+% high to 7% is a reflection more of economic drop-outs than any improvement in the labor market; and
  • The price of chicken and other foods are at record or near record highs.

Below, the economic steward of the last five years shrugs off suggestions that 2013 has been the worst year of presidency; but what matters more is that the “best” year of his tenure has been a disaster for the American people:

We live in an economy solely owned and operated by liberal Obama Democrats. This must be remembered, lessons learned from and acted upon come next election days. One way to reinforce the message would be to make Obama and jack ass Democrat jokes while dressed in sweatpants and t-shirts and watching The Grinch that Stole Christmas with family; instead of discussing Obamacare dressed in Lil’ Swee’pea footie-pajamas while navigating in between “scheduled maintenance” aka website crashes.

Yesterday, Barbara Walters’ Big Brother and former Messiah graced the Washington Press Corp with a “year-end” presser to remind that Obamacare is not Hitler so don’t worry, eat your arugula and be happy. And oh yes, he watches Duck Dynasty. Whew, that sure makes up for not getting to keep my health insurance plan and doctor that I liked.

At least starting tomorrow, we will have more hours in the day to fully experience life in the Age of Obama. Because seriously, when I’m asleep, Obama is no worse than Bush.

But, we look forward to Spring for the things in life that meddlesome government hasn’t yet totally ruined, most significantly the reporting of pitchers and catchers to Cactus and Grapefruit leagues; and will enjoy Christmas and  its namesake’s church, friends, a few college bowls, the National Football League, good books, what work we can find and even occasionally the Atlanta Hawks. The latter means this jobs depression has gone on far too long.


Planet Earth keeps on turning, despite liberals’ efforts to control its climate through restrictions on individual economic liberty, and so should conservatives wishing to once again be content during all four seasons.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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